1. Check-in
  2. Event Planning Schedule
  3. Event Venue
    1. Update on Cascadia - Fred
    2. Other Site Possibilities
  4. Sponsorship - Syd
    1. Logo
      1. FIC Ownership/Involvement
    2. Print Materials
  5. Related Events - Syd
  6. Registration - Syd
  7. Budget - Craig
  8. Marketing Plan - Craig?
    1. Schedule
  9. 8 Shields Training - Fred
    1. Preparation

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Fred, Craig, Syd, Brad

At Songaia, started 4:45 PM


Event Planning Schedule

Discussed the cancellation of a previously planned FIC "big event" that people worked on 2002-2004. We think it's a good idea to contact Roger Padvorac, who was a main coordinator of that, and get his view of what happened, why it didn't work. (They had 12 planning team members.)

We have a place on the wiki for timeline now (called NW_schedule) <>

Syd and Craig will work on the NW Communities contacts list, tracking down those who don't have email. We'll be getting ready to send out a Hold the date announcement. 1st, the email about Alan Seid will go out within a couple of days after the NICA Spring Gathering. Then, 1-2 weeks later, send out update on AoC, and asking for people to volunteer in some way, and especially stating we are looking for persons willing to be on the leadership team.

Fred and Craig will write up a timeline based on experience, talking and referring to the FIC documents & CDRom they have. Syd will add input, and may have charts and templates from project management that would be helpful.


Side topic:

We agree it's our goal to build the leadership planning team. We review the 8-Shield model and open roles. (Syd suggested we dress up in costumes and role play sometime, in character of the shields we represent, in order to feel what the essence of that direction or shield is all about.)

Open roles: South (summer, hard work, implementation, on site logistics); Northwest (healing, meditation, closing deals, solidifying relationships with external contacts, cooperating organizations); & Northeast (spirit support, openings and closings, vibeswatcher/relationships between planners).

We brainstormed people we'd like to approach regarding involvement with us in this model of leadership for AoC.

People: Therese Kunzi Clark, Winslow CoHo (Fred will talk to her); Parke and Sheldon of EGFS (Syd will follow up with, and any of us seeing him at the NICA Spring Gathering should feel free to talk with him about this); Kirsten, Francesca, and others from Goodenough Cmty; Jenny Heins of Sustainable Ballard; Sari (& possibly others?), from Sharingwood (Fred will contact). Also, Mitchell and Dylan (Brad will contact); Noam Gundle (Syd will contact).


Site: Fred says he will ask Brian to confirm that we have a hold on space. Priority to discuss this with event booking coordinator. (Syd made a note to look into who the event coordinator is and get the direct contact info for this office/person.)

Sponsorship: 1. reviewed logo options. Comments: use both; emphasize in Bob's design the word "community" more, and less on "art." Craig has made a style guide a page on our wiki see <AoC_Event_title>

We want to have the look and feel consistent in various marketing materials, letters, ads, etc.

2) re: sponsor materials, we haven't made any yet because Syd hasn't felt sure of what we were asking for, who was really best to contact (rethinking this more in the last two weeks), not knowing the site, and not having logo or graphics or text decided upon with the team.

~~We ended the meeting @ 6:40 PM and went to join Songaia members for dinner.


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