1. North East: B.
    1. Opening
    2. Event Venue - Fred
  2. West: Ma'iwe
    1. Call for Presenters
    2. Other Programming-related topics
  3. East: Syd
    1. Event Title
    2. Sponsorship
  4. South: Craig
    1. Gretchen & Core Team
    2. Budget, Draft 2
      1. Background
      2. Sponsorship/Supporter Goals
      3. Admission Pricing
      4. Food
      5. FIC Sales/Auction
      6. Print Directory
      7. PR/Publicity
      8. Risk labor & "profit" split
      9. Next steps
  5. Southwest: Fred
  6. North: Craig
    1. Relating to FIC Leadership
    2. 8 Shields Training Debrief
    3. Planning Schedule Check-in

If Time Allows

  1. Marketing Plan
    1. Promotional Events
      1. Oregon Country Fair
      2. NICA Meetings
    2. Materials
      1. Logo
  2. Registration - Syd


1. agenda review 2. Event venue - Talked about pros and cons of using Bastyr U site. We think it could be more experiential and feel like a container for community being at around 250 participants. Good overlap of values, quality food on site available, options to bring food or get from cafeteria there. We decide to seek approval for this. 3. Presenters and program: We agree with Ma'ikwe that for the most part, we'd like presenters to be able to have comp registration, but they would have to pay for their food, lodging and travel. Also, we would like a to set a cap of # of presenters who we'd allow to come for free. We give ideas for the "call for contributions" to encourage participatory program elements, also asking people what they'd like to see offered. 4. Event Title Change: we like "Art of Community Northwest: Co-Opportunities for Sustainability" as first choice. [at this point we're waiting to hear from ELC to approve] 5. Core Team Development: Gretchen would like to continue to attend our meetings, and though the rest of us are hoping she can hold the energy of the South, she is not sure she can commit to that. We confirm that we'd like to keep talking about it and to have her be part of core team meetings. 6. Budget: spreadsheets available from Craig. Talked about what we want to charge for registration (and food, separately). Came up with proposed fee schedule of $60-75 for entire weekend if registration done on-site; $45-60 advance registration. $0 - 25 may be asked of participants requesting mutual aid; all reg. forms will ask for contributions for the Mutual Aid Fund. We didn't decide what we might want single day admissions to cost. Food at BU cafeteria would be sold via advance tickets, around $25 a day at pass-through cost. We would like to talk more about how to do the ticketing (per meal? per day?) and how much to charge exactly.

Task recap:

  • Fred to check on insurance required or coverage provided with BU.
  • Syd to come up with concrete goals in sponsorships.
  • Craig will see about changing CMag ad, pending approval of new event name choice.
  • Syd will work on sponsor letter and a tabling request form this weekend - and post draft by Mon.

Discuss: names of reporters at Times and PI that have been interviewing or making inquiry calls to ICs in the area; webpage and ways we can have online registration; PDF forms for table space once we set price for nonprofit info tabling and vending; need to decide # of tables we'll dedicate to bookstore; need to discuss price of per day registration and also the management of Mutual Aid Fund.


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