Phone Conference with FIC Oversight Committee Thursday, May 25 at 3 pm


Core Team Venue - June 8 Go/No Go commitment

PR/Outreach Efforts - status and relation to paying Syd

Sponsorship - status and relation to paying Syd

Program: Auction, Community Tour, NICA Open Space Room, Registration

Money: Budget, Insurance, Taxes



1. Core Team

Core Team was introduced to the Oversight Committee and 8 Shields organizational model. It has been meeting bi-weekly. Meetings never seem to allow enough time. Gretchen has joined Ma'ikwe in the West. The organizational model is given on the wiki. It has been challenging to get everything up and running all at once.

2. Money and Budget issues

Current bank balance: $3,930; several sponsorships are pending. Some inkind, some will be actual cash income. Syd will not bill AoC for work in May. Other sponsorship initiates are underway. We can expect another few thousand dollars, easily.

We seem to be on budget, and have budgeted amply for insurance and PR/outreach. Syd suggested we were not expecting to do a poster, but perhaps to create a souvenir. This money was also thought to work with media to create a buzz around it. In a exceptional scenario we might spend as much as $2,000 to generate buzz. This item is very much a "spend it if we have it" affair.

We will try to get free radio (and perhaps TV) coverage. Coho US is online for an inkind sponsorship, to help with mailing out notices etc.

3. Registration

Parke will check with Craig about a registration database.

4. Program

All our first choice plenary speakers accepted. We have plenty of panel speakers in hand already and can afford to be choosy.

Syd took on trying to create a bioregionally focused panel. Some really good panels are beginning to come together.

NICA is requesting an "open space" room that will be for networking, supporting ad hoc conversations and impromptu roundtables.

Some concern about Friday night events. Could be introduced as an intimate evening with the die-hards. Perhaps make it less formal and more adaptable depending on who shows. Make a circle as big as needed. Perhaps encourage people to leave a little early. Advertise Friday night as "a conversation with Lisa Fitzhugh." We should try to get as much registration as possible.

Program details: Ma'ikwe will email details of who is doing what in the program. For any conversations about program should be cc'd to Ma'ikwe.

Community Tour: we're exploring a bus tour throughout the day on Friday, which may limit the number of people in involved. We are planning on doing it. We expect about 5 or 6 communities involved. Perhaps 2 half-day tours. Planning has just begun.

Auction: we're going to do it. We will need help soliciting items from local businesses in Seattle. We'll need a volunteer.

5. Volunteers

We want to make an orientation meeting in June for volunteers. We intend to have a volunteer corrdinator. We have a list of prospective job titles. Some inquiries have come in, but some have not engaged in further discussion. We could use the website to solicit volunteers.

6. Website

The website is not working properly, needs to be updated.

7. Venue go/no-go?

There seems to be no information to warrant cancelling the event. It's quite early to know how it's all going to go.

Board and Oversight agree to continue with Bastyr.

There is another checkpoint is about 10 days prior to the conference, as determined by the contract with Bastyr.

8. How can we make best use of the FIC lists?

We should have full access to lists; and McCune is the contact. McCune will send out an e-newsletter which can include conference notices. George is contact for print newsletter.;

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