1. Check-in
  2. Fred's Context - Fred
  3. Site - Fred
  4. Sponsorship - Syd
  5. Other Events - Syd
  6. Advertising
    1. Communities magazine - Craig
      1. Spring Issue
      2. Summer Issue
  7. Speakers - Ma'ikwe
    1. FIC folk: Diana, Laird, Geoph
    2. Schedule
    3. Level of delegation
    4. Dave Wann is possibility
  8. Event Wiki Review

FIC Art of Community Core Leadership Team 2/14/06 (Valentines Day) 4:30-7:00pm Bob the House In attendance: Syd, Fred, B., Craig

We went around the group and checked in.

Meeting Minutes

Event Ownership

We addressed the question which Ma’ikwe had raised with Syd on the phone around the question of event ownership. We see FIC as the overall owner of the event. We didn’t foresee this as changing. It was suggested that some activities and events are likely to arise during the event which will little FIC involvement, either in their conception or follow-up activity, Cascadia Day was used as an example… which is envisioned as a multi-organizational annual event on a bioregional level.

Fred’s Context

We discussed Fred’s Context, an eloquent document which he circulated via email. We agreed to create a mission statement out of Fred’s context… the first draft is:

Promoting and supporting communities that recognize and practice sustainability.

We briefly talked about the need for some print material. It was agreed that the most immediate option is to just print copies of the Communities magazine advertisement.

Event Venue

Cascadia Community College remains a possibility for a big event. The space is available for those dates. The logistics of how that can be made available to us is still being worked out. They have hired a new person, who starts next week and are not making decisions about the space use until then. All the indications are that it can be worked out and the cost to the event would be tied to the actual costs that incurred for custodians, security, etc. There would be no additional rental fees. They will charge us $22.50 per hour for any time spent on the event by the new hire. Its unclear what that person would be doing for that cost, although Craig speculated about all the different logistical things required by the college. We will request an estimate for how much of this person’s time would be involved. With little basis for it, we estimated that the maximum cost for using CCC would be $1000.

Fred agreed to let CCC know we were very interested to work with them, and hoped to get a confirmed reservation/contract in place ASAP. Syd suggested that we have an in-person meeting with the event/admin coordinator person there, with Fred, to walk through details we would want in the contract before signing anything. She would also be willing and interested to be a part of this meeting, to help negotiate details. Access to the rooms (a site tour) and maps of the spaces we'd be using are also requested ASAP. If they're not available electronically, we will scan these and send to Ma'ikwe, if we in fact go ahead with using CCC.

Some Site-related Questions

Will the college provide insurance for the event? Don’t know, we need to find out. What about food? There are food services at the college, but we don’t know whether they will be available. We should assume that it would probably need to be catered. We talked about the alternative food businesses/collectives in Seattle. Fred will be looking into these issues. What specific facilities can be available? Need room maps and more details. Fred to follow-up

How do people feel about Cascadia?

We started a general conversation about Cascadia. Craig brought up the issue about the Cascadia location being well outside of Seattle proper. B. agreed and sees that location as a negative from a Seattle-centered point of view. We decided to do brainstorming around Pros and Cons of using Cascadia.

Pros for Cascadia

  • Close to Songaia
    • Songaia's resources are more readily available
    • Relationship with faculty member
    • College sponsorship seems possible
    • Housing for FIC board members and visitors
    • Site tours could easily include Songaia
  • Space needs are adequate
  • Like the name
  • Like the setting
    • open land
    • wetlands recovery area
  • Access by bus is OK
  • It’s a known as an event hosting site – Fred & Syd have attended events there
  • May have in-house catering
  • Nice, high-quality facilities
  • A/V will be on hand
  • City of Bothell has sustainability projects/demos and may be a sponsor

Cons for Cascadia

  • Outside of Seattle
    • May have lower chance of Seattle-centered sponsorship
    • Lower attendance by city dwellers
    • Fewer car free attendees
    • Fewer low-income attendees
  • It will probably cost more money to do it elsewhere
  • Would make it a more expensive (or less profitable) event at less new, nice facility and environs

May be better social and overnight hosting opportunities, but this was unclear.

We did a round robin on the decision and closed with the plan to keep Cascadia as our first choice and to consider alternatives if it is not moving forward in 2-3 weeks.

Ma’ikwe’s Materials

We agreed that she should go ahead and run with it, but that we would like the chance to provide feedback on specific speakers before she actually offers space on the program. We felt this was most important around openings and closings.

The thought was that some of us have direct experience with some potential speakers and that this could be valuable for Ma’ikwe to have that input as decisions are being made. Craig held Dave Wann up as an example. Craig recently heard Dave speak in two different setings and thinks he’d be great on the program, but that his low-key personality suggests that he would not be best to open something. And also doesn't think he's much of a draw, so he probably shouldn't be featured particularly.

We liked what Ma’ikwe suggested in her email: “I send you out a proposed list of folks I think would be good, and we go through it together (or I do that with a subgroup) before I actually invite anyone beyond what we’ve already done”

We completely agree with Ma’ikwe proceeding to put out a call for proposals and felt fine with the proposal deadline of June 1.

We all really liked the ideas of the Inspiration Tree and Wall-of-wonder. We discussed how they might be visible components within a Networking Room (and objects created in such activities would stay in the room to be observed or added to throughout the weekend?) This might also be a place where planned and spontaneous "roundtables" could occur. There can be more discussion about this later, as Syd was borrowing ideas from a couple of past events. Just an idea seed to plant with Ma'ikwe.

Brainstorm for Plenary Speakers

We spent a few minutes throwing out some ideas:

  • Richard Heinberg
  • David Korten
  • Robert Gilman
  • Vicki Robin
  • Duane Elgin

Next Meetings

The next Core Team meeting will be at 4:30pm at Songaia on Thursday, Feb 23

It was noted that this is two days after the NICA Board meeting and two days before the NICA Annual meeting at RoseWind Cohousing & Port Townsend Ecovillage – so there will be ample time for some of us to have personal connection in other forums.

8 Shields Training

Alan and the four of us are available for training on March 7-9. The idea is to have a public meeting at Songaia in the evening, followed by a day of training for the Core Team.

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