Our first Core Team meeting, which Fred unfortunately was unable to attend was at 4pm (PST) on Friday, 1/20 at Wayfarer Cafe in the U District. Craig called Ma'ikwe from the Cafe and she was able to participate remotely for the first part of the meeting.


  1. Check-in
  2. Minutes from last meeting
  3. Known Issues
    1. Ma'ikwe and Wiki
    2. 8 Shields/Acorn Leadership Model
      1. Alan Seid training?
    3. Magazine Deadlines
      1. Communities magazine: Official = Jan 31 for space reservation, week later for camera-ready ad
      2. Others
        1. Yes! Magazine?
        2. Utne Reader?
  4. Event Status & Key Organizations
    1. FIC - Craig checked in with Harvey
      1. FIC pay policy
    2. NICA - no new information
    3. Other Communities
      1. Emma Goldman wants to participate in event
    4. Other Core Team Members
      1. Parke at Emma is interested, wants to learn more
      2. Sustainability-focused member?
        1. Sustainable Seattle?
  5. Event Wiki Review
    1. Recent Changes
    2. Brochure Content
  6. Checkout & Next Meetings


AoC Leadership Meeting, Jan 24, 2006

Present: B., Craig, & Syd

Check ins Approved last minutes.

1. Talked about gaps, relative newness to the process of using wikis, for all of us except Craig. Decided to do a "wiki tip" or lesson at each planning team meeting for now. Craig will assemble these also on a new page in the wiki, so we can find them all in one place.

2. RE: 8 Shields Model of Organization, Craig got email from Alan Seid that he'd offer us a training. Alan is concerned about effectiveness and integrity in the use of this model, and we are interested to take him up on this offer. We would like him to review our wiki first, to get familiar with how we have been talking about it and its application to our use, and we'd like to see if we can get more people than just the few of us now on AoC planning team to participate. This could be cooperating IC representatives, potential members to be added to the planning team, or just any cool, friendly organization we want to invite, to make it all more worthwhile, spread the word about this model, have more lively discussion with each other after Alan's presentation, and to help kick in some gas money for Alan to make the trip from Bellingham.

{Craig Followup: Spoke with Alan and he said (1) there is a scheduled Saturday, March 11th training in Bellingham, (2) he would come to meet with us (he liked the idea of a broader public meeting with private work with our team, (3) he is open in September and would like to be part of the program (Ma'ikwe and Craig spoke about this on the phone today). He also told me about training being offered in the context of mentoring youth at Wilderness Awareness School).

3. Outreach: magazine deadlines. Decided to have ad go in Communities Magazine, deadline Jan. 31. Craig will make and submit the ad. Brainstormed other publications that might have early &/or infrequent deadlines to pay attention to. Syd is coordinating and yet open to more suggestions and help in contacting such publications/organizations as: Utne Reader, Permaculture Activist, Talking Leaves, Yes Mag., Tilth News, Seattle mag., NW IONS, NAASCO, BC cooperatives (?) Ode, Clamor, Conscious Choice and other more mainstream local ones that we will likely place just calendar listings in, which are free. Anyone with personal contact info for folks working in the media, please talk with Syd about this and get info added to our outreach spreadsheet.

(Craig Followup: I took the above list and did some looking at the PCC magazine stand and built out a list of print publications we should consider for promotion. They can now be found on the page Print Promotion.

4. Cooperating orgs: FIC oversight committee has given the AoC NW event their blessing. Tracking our plans, and will continue to give feedback, approve items as needed.

  • no new news from NICA

5. Craig spoke with Parke of EGFS, who says he's interested in playing a role, maybe later. The EGFS is sure to participate. Q: think of others to pull in to planning team, especially with familiarity/focus on sustainability.

6. Wiki review (couldn't do really, as we didn't have wireless access).

7. Talked about sponsors and likely funders to pursue first. Syd proposes talking to City Office of Sustainability and the Environment first, then Dept of Neighborhoods, then Public Utilities. In academic arena, approaching Bastyr and LIOS first, then Antioch, then Seattle U. In Media arena: KBCS, then KUOW; Reclaim the Media, independent print in general; Other cmty groups/NGOs were talked about, but the heavy hitters (have $) are the ones we want to approach first. Also, we may look for grant $ available from the city and foundations, incl. Mott, Brainerd, Glazer. Syd will report back on findings. Q about should we pursue political endorsements, or at least a welcome/approval letter from some. (?) no decision.

8. Comment added to also explore links with ICs and orgs in Portland.

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