Present: Syd, Morgan, Fred, Craig, Alline, Brad, Parke, Ma'ikwe (phone)

1. Hosting out-of-town speakers

We need places for folks to stay. 15 FIC folks have signed up: Songaia can host 10 in rooms, plus 2 in a yurt, and a dome. As many as 10 additional folks may need spaces. NICA can send an email asking folks to host in homes; Syd is willing to put up a person or two. Ma'ikwe will draft an email and Fred will help distribute localy. Syd will send something to Ma'ikwe about requirements for lodging, if any. Ma'ikwe will get final numbers and names/contact info of people needing lodging.

2. Pre-conference tours

We need to assign a volunteer to coordinate the site tour(s). Morgan thinks it requires a level of expertise, such as a member of the core team. Brad is willing to help coordinate a volunteer.

We need someone to spearhead community contacts. Brad is willing to make that contact with email and a follow-up phone calls. Craig will check prices for bus rental. Ma'ikwe will draft the introductory email. Alline interested in helping with logistics.

3. Bios, plenary descriptions, housing and food info

Ma'ikwe will be contacting speakers for all these logistics. We need also to know specifics on room assignments. Ma'ikwe will do a first draft grid. Syd is tabling coordinator and will maintain exact info (we have a maximum of 10-12 tables). Question for Fred: can we have tables in the cafeteria? These tables do include the Community Bookshelf (3 tables). Jonathan Betz-All will do bookshelf locally. Syd will make the table limitation clear to Jonathan and Laird.

4. Auctions

Craig will forward to Morgan a list of items from a recent auction. Some sent an item or description to Laird who compiled these and read them off at the auction. Perhaps the auctions coordinator ca do something similar. Ma'ikwe will ask Laird to forward to Morgan any guidelines that he's used in the past. Morgan needs a contact; Syd will check with Harvey about being that person.

5. Registration

Parke will prepare paper registration forms for day-of registration. Parke will hand over keys to kingdom to Syd for August while Parke is away.

6. Questionnaire

Brad developed a list of possible keywords. How would this information be used? Do we want to be a container to help people connect with one another after the conference? Add to questionnaire: Are you willing to have your email shared? Are you willing to be a convener of like-minded people? What if we post a big sheet in the network room for people to indicate interests.

WE DECIDED: Questionnaire on BPT 1) do you want email, community, city/state shared? 2) If you are a member of a community, what is it called?

7. Credit Union

Fred will contact Bill Becker about online access to account information for Parke. Pass to Fred the banking information.

8. Publications

Will do a color poster; working with Scotty on printing.

9. Sponsorships

Several sponsorships have recently come in (ober $1000 worth), handed to Parke.

10. Networking Room

The tea room (City Repair) can be the same room as the networking room. We haven't decided exactly which room it will be in. We would prefer it to be on the 1st floor.

11. Brad & Alline's site visit

Alline was impressed with the space. It's quite spread-out, but this could be usd to our advantage. Signage is really important. Fred will draw a conference map; and we will need signage with a room schedule for each room, posted by the door.

12. FIC Oversight

Craig had a talk with Harvey; Morgan is confident that we have lots of time to make this event successful. We never set another check-in date for with the oversight committee.

13. Budget

We have about $4,250 in cash as of today. We are under budget; we expect the poster to be free or close to it. We disussed using poster and other decor to connect the rooms into a unified feel.

14. Ambiance and space

Alline will focus on creating a better sense of space and unity across the whole space.

15. Opening and Closing

Ma'ikwe has plans in the works. FIC should get first right of refusal to cover emcee roles. Opening ceremony options: Heart of Now folks; other options could be considered.

Closing ceremony: Korten would be before Mark or Vicki's speech. Margo will do a summary/closing. Details to be worked out. Maybe some singing and then a final acknowledgement from the FIC (emcee, Laird?).

16. Volunteers

Morgan needs detailed but short job description for every position, including hours of work. Send as soon as possible. Deadline: August 8. Note volunteers already on board. Morgan needs a contact list of out-of-town FIC folks who are willing to volunteer. Morgan suggests that 6 hours of volunteering earns a free entry. We should start with the FIC board. Contact: morgan.markowitz(at), 206-406-5523.

17. Next Meeting

August 1st at 3 pm at Syd's: 4302 Merdian Ave N. in Seattle

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