• West
  1. Programming Decisions
    1. Breakdown of offerings
      1. Missing elements?
      2. Anything with too much focus?
    2. Next Steps
      1. Start communicating program - what by when?
      2. space use - what goes where
  • East
  1. Sponsorship - quick check-in
    1. Songaia sponsorship
    2. Other communities? Therese work?
  2. Tables
    1. Metaphysical Library?
  3. Outreach
  4. PR/Media
    1. Poster
    2. Event Program
    3. Brochure
    4. NW Communities Directory?
  • South
  1. Registration
  2. Insurance
  • North
  1. Volunteers
    1. music and sound tech support?
    2. Morgan
    3. Alline
  • SouthWest
  1. Venue?


Present: Brad, Craig, Fred, Syd, Morgan (left early), Gretchen, Parke (notes), Alline

1. Morgan: interested in joining the team; wants to see what’s going on, how to fit in, had some questions. Is willing to tap into his large network for volunteers, etc. Interested in volunteer coordinator position. Syd recommended we consider him for that role. Craig and Syd will take next steps.


2. We reviewed the program proposal, asked clarifying questions. A variety of childcare offerings will be filled in to cover the whole conference. The schedule of presenters is now full, but some people may drop out, and new presenters may be added then. We haven't heard from Mark Lakeman. City Repair (Seattle), Phinney Ridge and Sustainable Ballard initiatives are not yet represented. Should we work on bringing them in? Ma'ikwe hasn't received proposals from some of these. Ma'ikwe will for now make a placeholder for "local actions and thinking bioregionally." There are as many as 8 different offerings at the same time (30 people per session). This seems like a lot at first, but the math seems to work out. Ma'ikwe will rethink the allocation of rooms (we have only reserved 7 meeting rooms plus the auditorium for workshops at this point). Ma'ike asked for feedback to the Love Israel presenter: does this represent an important point of diversity for the conference? Fred knows the presenter, Serious Israel, and recommended including him. People who want to present but didn't submit a proposal in time can use the network room.

3. We appoved the slate as proposed by Ma'ikwe. Some tweaking is likely, but it's largely set at this point. Craig is eager to start communicating details as soon as possible. Ma'ikwe suggested a cautious phrasing like, "These are workshops that we're inviting," but not promise specific workshops. We can list titles, with names of presenters, but not full descriptions--only AFTER Ma'ikwe has contacted everyone about the status of their proposal. She'll need about 48 hours to contact everyone. Craig will call Ma'ikwe (at Sandhill #) at 1:00 PDT Thursday to touch base, before going live with details online.

4. How are we going to publicize new information? Fliers, emails, online lists? We should strategize about this. It might be useful to be explicit about the various tracks, though it's not usually publicized. We decided not to group and list things by tracks--a can or worms we don't need to open. We will need to organize the list by some order. How about using Ma'ikwe's "Offerings by Category"? It would need to be edited some more; plenary talks still need titles. Ma'ikwe will do some more work on creating a public listing logic and specific names. She'll send a reworked version by email.

5. Ma'ikwe will try to figure what additional spaces we may need to secure, if any. Fred will send her the list of room already secured.


6. Songaia Community became a sponsor, at $380. Check handed to Parke for deposit.

7. What about other book vendors? Overlap with Community Bookshelf would be a problem, otherwise OK. Syd will be looking into that.

8. Sponsorship is going slow. People aren't ready to commit.

9. Outreach: Syd has been distributing fliers throughout Seattle, and at a conference in Vancouver BC. Morgan has been doing a lot of buzz-making.

10. Yes! Magazine, Wisdom Magazine, plus Conscious Choice, eventually Weekly, Stranger, etc for calendar listing online and in print.

11. Publications. Poster? Syd has one person who would do a flier design, that could be treated like a poster $250-300; full-sized poster would be at least $800. We have someone interested in doing layout program guide. Possibly a sight tour brochure. A NW Communities Directory (insert to program guide)?

12. Poster: we have a printer we could do it cheaply, more as a souvenir than a mass-produced advertising tool. Would this be necessary in addition to the program guide? Do we want good artwork for the website? Downloadable poster? Fred's son Bob can help with the logo. Maybe Morgan also has volunteer resources for graphics. How much would this cost? We don't seem to have adequate sponsorship to do something like this. What is the value of a fancy poster? We should evolve the existing flier to be more current and detailed. Also, the directory seems extravagant without lots of sponsorship support. Will there be a separate publication for site tours? Syd thought we should form a sub-committee to plan, build relationships with communities, etc. Ma'ikwe suggested we might consider scheduling the site tour after the event. We seem maybe too locked-in already to make that change at this point.

13. Syd and Ma'ikwe will discuss the flier, theme and tracks a week from today, Tuesday.


14. Registration is up and running, we have one registrant.

15. We have liability insurance, at a cost of $167.


16. Music at the event. We agreed to have a softer music alternative to Gypsy Nation in another room on Saturday night. We'll have mics in large rooms; and we probably don't need any further sound equipment, or do we? Ma'ikwe will collate AV needs in certain rooms, etc. Ma'ikwe will do a draft of room assignments, to be reviewed by Fred afterward.

17. Morgan: Craig will be in contact with Morgan and work it out with him. His workshop is included in the slate of presenters. We agreed to work with him as much as he's able and willing.

18. Alline: Possibly doing follow-up--what comes next? Possibly overseeing a NW Communities Directories. Possibly hosting a roundtable to discuss with participant the emergent process of next steps. Alline interested in facilitating an "open space" on that subject. This might work in the context of the NICA Resource Room. Something about a "Wall of Wonder." Perhaps much work could be done to collate the upcoming events that relate to community, to be available to conference attendees. There are specially designated networking times for folks to connect and share information about future collaborations.

Alline is interested in the use of space, and is interested in that Northeasty aspect. Perhaps we should have a designated quiet space. Maybe be involved in networking room, etc. She and Brad can work together. How children are or are not integrated.

19. Brad spoke to post-conference visioning, and reflected on the vagueness of his current position on the team. Should Brad focus on the spiritual/social aspects of the space itself during the weekend? Brad might monitor the zeitgeist of the conference itself and try to help people connect accordingly.

20. We have no overnight accomodations; Fred is looking at some local options that can be referred.

21. Next meeting: Tuesday, July 11th at 2:00 pm at Gretchen's 940 29th Ave, between Spring & Marion.

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