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Present: Syd, Craig, Fred, Parke

  • North

1. Outreach: AM 1090 calendar listing; Syd has been emailing to different lists, sending fliers and proposals; We could show "The Power of Community" or "Commune"; Syd will buy a copy of Commune for about $100. A great response at events at which Syd has tabled. There seems to be a buzz. Sustainable Ballard: someone will be making formal proposals to businesses associated with Sustainable Ballard. This weekend, Syd will be tabling at Global Sustainability event (which has referenced our logo, etc.) World Urban Forum in Vancouver. Poster? Should we do one, maybe 400-500 run, a couple hundred for advanced marketing, the rest for commemorative purposes. Scotty Dog has offered to do a poster at cost (up to 500), available to participants, or given for a donation of a $1 or $2. Would Arts Corps provide art? *Parke will ask Lisa at Arts Corps about providing artwork by next meeting. We need to get the URL at brownpapertickets out: 4636 for main registration and 5455 for meal registration ( and

2. Sponsorship and Tables: Bastyr will look into sponsorship, but it doesn't look promising. Yes! Magazine will donate magazines (possibly included in registration packet?) City Repair (PDX) has not responded. Wisdom University will take a table. ReStore will make some kind of in-kind donation: auction item or a gift certificate? Possibly will get a table. Conversations in continual flux. $100 tabling check from Lakeridge Institute received (and delivered to Parke). We should check with the FIC that another book vendor at the event will be permissible. *Craig will deal with bookstore manager (probably an FIC person); and will check about Lakeridge issue. We discussed the large space for tables; it seems "vast," yet there are many uses: registration, bookstore, etc. *Fred will find out the maximum number of tables possible through Bastyr.

3. PR/Media: our listing is in the online version; and will likely appear in print in August. Communities Magazine is targeting our event as the release date, with a likely due date of June 12, we might place an ad. *Craig will emouldail CMag contact for ads to Syd.

  • South

4. contact database: NICA should be building a lasting and up-to-date database. Marilyn will integrate updates, and info from registration for building email network. Should we be building email lists of community members within known communities. She has been learning "Constant Contact" (the emailing tool). Marilyn and Craig will open a separate account on Constant Contact; Syd is also using this tool; she will forward updated info from her work into NICA account (likely using excel). Is there a way everyone can work off the same database? Syd's preference is to maintain her own database. In 2-3 weeks or so, Syd will give the updated list to Marilyn, after which time Marilyn's version would be the most accurate.

5. network data gathering: Steve Rose thinks it would be great to collect lots of data to help people connect in various ways at the event. Steve is keeping a database (NeighborNet) and is willing to manage some data. The can of worms of privacy... Plus, who does the labor, who owns the data, what is done with it short-term, long-term? We will have zip code information already, which gives fairly detailed info about location (neighborhood). Maybe NICA needs to make a commitment about using this data going forward. We decided that we won't pursue collecting information that we may not use, or which might raise privacy concerns. *Parke will send Steve an email to that effect.

6. Budget: no change.

7. Registration: We decided to keep a separate list of "comp'd" attendees (e.g., volunteers). All presenters are comp'd as well as sponsors, depending on levels of sponsorship. We will have some laptops on site for late registrations. Have paper forms available. We will create badges. Badge in plastic with printed name tag. *Parke & Craig will run through the whole user experience, including payment. Others should mock go through the experience an give feedback to Parke.

8. *Parke will ask BPT about hyperlinking the meals page. If we monitor registrations for people who don't sign up for meals and see if they want to sign up for a meal. *Craig will check with Tony about removing meeting minutes on AoC website page.

  • Southwest

9. Bastyr prints meal tickets; final date for meal count 72 hours in advance; no other vendors can sell food; we can have alcohol, but we need to get permit *Fred will do).

10. Friday night meal: no guarantee required. They want a count, but there is no mandatory minimum. They want an early meal (like 5:30). Mealtimes ar 5:30 Friday night, 11:30 Saturday Lunch, 5:45 Saturday dinner; 1:00 Sunday lunch.

11. NICA networking room will be Willow or Hemlock.

12. Housing: We may have camping facilities at Long House (would involve a fee), located about 30 minutes from Bastyr. Folks interested should be made aware of the nature of the community and the space. Then there are the ostriches...

How do we deal with providing housing options to guests etc.? Communities can offer space; use to match up folks to places.

We decided we were not providing housing to general guests. Songaia and Sharingwood would be tapped out with FIC folks, we think. We can point folks to Washington State Parks, Hostels, other accomodation options (link to Bastyr list?) *Syd will explore options with

  • West

13. Bus tours: Ma'ikwe and Gretchen will handle the tours, though Craig will find a lead volunteer. Yes, we should have tours, but it's now out of Craig's hands. For $400-500 you can rent a 30-person bus. Coho has never lost money on a bus tour ($50 pe person for a half-day; $95 all-day includes lunch). Volunteer suggestion from Syd: APEX member (Syd has specific info and will let Craig know). Fred suggested we need to have input as the core team into the structure of the bus tour(s). Some discussion about concerns and ambiguities about how this is all going to come together.

14. Lance is interested in doing layout of program; how involved will Ma'ikwe be in this process? Core team will oversee.

  • North

15. Volunteer recruitment: a top priority is to get a volunteer for the bus tour (or community tour, or whatever it's going to be).

16. What do we need on a higher priority? Auction procurement in the South. (Syd is happy to monitor registration during August). Syd can use phone-callers for follow-ups to sponsors and tablers for a concentrated burst of time (like 2-3 weeks)--folks who have worked in sales or development would be ideal.

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