1. Check-in
  2. Event Venue - Fred
  3. Sponsorship - Syd
    1. Media Sponsors
  4. Review Planning Schedule - Craig
  5. Review Budget Spreadsheet - Craig
    1. Specific questions to address
      1. Sponsorship/Supporter Goals
      2. FIC Sales
      3. Admission Pricing
      4. Food
      5. Print Directory
      6. PR/Publicity
      7. Upfront labor
    2. Next steps with budget
  6. Marketing Plan
    1. Promotional Events
      1. Body, Mind Spirit Expo
      2. Oregon Country Fair
      3. NICA Meetings
    2. Materials
      1. Logo
  7. Registration - Syd
  8. 8 Shields Training
    1. Preparation?

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: B., Craig, Fred, Syd

Items covered:

1. Core Team Development - Therese interested; she will know her schedule more and therefore give a more definite answer in 2-3 weeks. No response from Parke or Sheldon. We want to involve Ma'ikwe more, and are hoping to have her participate in next meeting. We can make a main agenda item be about program. Craig will contact her between now and then.

2. Event Venue - Cascadia CC may not be available/reservation unconfirmed at this point, because they are between quarters on the dates requested and usually close down campus and have all staff on leave. Situation unclear. Bastyr U campus available. Food in-house. Free available parking. Capacity in largest room, the auditorium, is @ 250. Waiting to hear price on rental for whole weekend. May be able to use most or all of the classrooms. We also talked about the possibility of having site tours one day (urban, suburban, co-ho, IC, coop examples) and renting large space just one day, or an evening plus a full day, i.e. Saturday conference, tours on Sunday. We brainstorm desired and likely groups to participate. TASK - Syd will check availability of UW's HUB and SCC spaces. Found out we may not need a faculty sponsor at all there. They rent to nonprofits under cerain conditions. NEW NOTE - Syd is hoping that we could persuade Bastyr to give us free rent, or possibly a good percentage of it in exchange for major sponsorship. This is something to talk about either in next meeting or that she will talk to Fred about if we have the opportunity to tour the site and meet with Bastyr representatives before Mar. 16 mtg.

3. Sponsorship - levels were proposed at $1000, $750 and $500; reactions were that there should be more of a span, both higher and lower. Can make a lower category and customize the approach to certain people/organizations to be $2000 when seeking "Major sponsorship." (Suggestions for this category were FEC, COHO-US, well-funded nonprofit of high match in values, and/or dept of govt.) Can renegotiate with prospects. TASK - each member of the Core Team send bios (3-5 sentences) requested by Syd for sponsor letter. TASK - Syd will post propsed sponsorship letter to wiki.

4. Budget Review. Craig provided handouts on 3 scenarios. We are incorporating information on site, thinking to have some ads and table revenue besides sponsorships.

Next meeting: Thursday, March 16 at Meridian House, starting 6:15 PM

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