Core Team Meeting May 23, 2006 Minutes


1. Mark Lakeman requested we make some kind of donation back to Portland City Repair, $50 for travel plus a donation of $250-500. Could we use auction money, based on how much is raised? Syd will explore City Repair sponsorship with the Portland group. We were not comfortable offering auction money, unless he procures significant numbers of items for that.

2. Dinner Friday night: there are some really good reasons to do it, 6-7. We need to do registration on Friday, as much as possible. With registration starting at 4, and the community tour, need to bridge to the event Friday night.

We didn't sign up for dinner on Friday night. We agreed to sign up for Friday night with a minimum guaranteed number of 25 guests, which we'll adjust as we get closer.

3. We need to finalize a process to decide who the workshop presenters will be. Just the west? Not ideal. Syd suggested maybe Core Team provides general guidelines; West proposes a line-up; and then final approval from FIC Oversight team. Ma'ikwe: FIC Oversight doesn't need to finalize. We decided that the West make a proposal and the Core Team review. Ma'ikwe will send a list of names to the Core Team. Core Team folks will get back to M. about what it knows about those folks. 18 people are proposing multiple ideas--more than enough content for the whole time. Ma'ikwe will send some of the ideas that she has already culled.

There is nothing that serves as an overview of the Pacific Northwest communities scene. There are NW presenters, but not doing that kind of focus. It would be good to have a program theme of community and sustainability work in the PNW, in communities and neighborhood projects, etc.

4. Community Tour: we decided to do it. Craig will make sure it happens. Is this as northeast (Brad) responsibility? Site tours, 11-4 rather than 4-7? We discussed different scales and styles of tour. We were thinking about getting a bus and setting a minimum and maximum number. Tour may start in Bastyr: Fred will ask Bastyr if that will work. Syd will send around a list of which communities should be on the site tour.

5. Who designs the opening ceremony? How do we give the sponsors some presence? Should NICA present an overview (Fred?)? What about a spiritual component? How can we weave a more culturally diverse dimension in this conference? Should this occur on Friday night or Saturday morning? Maybe go with a bioregional focus on Saturday morning. We discussed adding a big-draw speaker to Friday night. Maybe Diana could do a closing thing. Laird could introduce a few key players to the attendees.

6. Hang-out on Friday night after the event. Should we invite Seattle City Repair to create a teahouse space at Bastyr? We loved that idea. Gretchen will pursue. We might be able to get the cafeteria for cheap on Friday night, or some other appropriate space...Fred will look into it. City Repair folks might be the best judge of space. Can we serve non-Bastyr tea? Kick folks out at 11:00(publish 10:30).

7. Saturday night: gypsy dance, other things as well? Gypsy Nation dances (ecstatic dance). Where would this occur? Cafeteria? Perhaps the teahouse could also be going. Should the teahouse be the networking room?

8. The core team should review the outline of the program and send feedback by email. We'll wait for Ma'ikwe's detailed info on presenters before working out additional details on program. Then perhaps call a program meeting.


9. BPT: create a new page just for meal tickets.

10. changes to BPT blurb to Parke (Syd)

11. Insurance: Laird, Syd's info

12. Parke will research admissions tax

13. keep the range going high in early registration

14. Mutual Aid: what's the process? "Our cost is x, we're offering a range around it..." Parke will write a proposal and circulate about Mutual Aid. Work exchange (reduced ost or free); disability? Why do you want to come; what can you contribute (hours, input)? Include a check ($20) with Mutual Aid application? Checks only.


15. Not much response to lots of calls distributed.

16. Syd will be attending a bunch of events and lining up meetings with organizational folks.

17. Syd is working in sponsorship: Bert Bradley, Stan Crow (ICA Seattle), NW Environmental Educational Council, Sustainable Ballard (?), Bastyr development office. Ben Kaufman. Pomegranate Center. Other international puppy dog communities?

18. Getting the word out to more of the communities in the NW, including the print flier. Gretchen will send electronic flier, Syd will adapt or emailing. NICA should be working the communities list, using NICA volunteers. Syd will develop a script for volunteers for phone calls to communities. Could also contact on other stuff too, like site tour, tabling, volunteering, auction items?

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