1. North East: B.
    1. Opening
  2. East: Syd
    1. Event Title - lock & load for logo, etc.
    2. Sponsorship - next steps
    3. Tables
  3. South: Craig
    1. Parke & Core Team
    2. Accounting: Start w/NICA?
    3. Registration
    4. Budget, Draft 3
      1. Changes since FIC review
      2. Next steps
  4. Southwest: Fred
    1. Event Venue - Fred
  5. West: Craig
    1. Final Call for Programming Call - Mai'kwe to send out
    2. Other Programming-related issues?
  6. North: Craig
    1. Building the Event team
      1. Extended Team
      2. Job Titles Exercise
    2. Planning Schedule Check-in
  7. North East: B.
    1. Closing


Before getting into the agenda, there was an opening led by Brad. (Northeast)

1. Reviewed and approved the last Core Team meeting minutes.

2. East. Syd talked about the event title change, and that the new logo will be redesigned to reflect that. We can start using this on forms and letters so that the title stands out and catches the eye of the reader. -Sponsorship letter reviewed. It is being shown to friendly, likely sponsors to get feedback before distributing widely. We're close to getting it out though. -Table request form was also reviewed. We decided to make nonprofit tabling $45 either way, whether they request 1/2 or full table. And one person will get a registration with that, but others from the organization would have to register separately. Also, we changed the amount to charge businesses doing sales on site. That will now be $100 for the weekend, which includes one registration.

3. (South) -- Parke discussed the status of his getting approval from FEC to participate on the core team and earn FEC a sponsorship paid by his labor. This would be at around 3 hours/week. He'll be away a bit in June, and again from 8/4 - 8/25. -- Accounting. We are hoping to start with NICA as our inside accountant. Task is to get approval from ELC. Question: Can Syd send bills to Fred? -- Registration: Goal to open it in May. This would be managed by Parke. Likely to use Brown Paper Tickets online. Can we also have form on FIC site, which could be printed and sent in with registration $, for those who don't want to use online purchasing?

  • Task for Fred and Parke: think about if we need another bank account, who checks would be signed by, & who'll do deposits. Also: What do registrants get told to have their checks made payable to?

Budget draft 3 -- changes made since FIC review. RE: income, this is what's been proposed: of all income minus expenses, if there's a net gain, half goes to FIC and other half is split between workers with labor risked in working on the event. Task: Craig will ask FIC for OK on the handling of $ exchange here, through NICA, and just making payment to FIC if/when there's any profit, after the event. - next steps: Synch up current spreadsheet with new tabling rates, etc. (Craig will do.) Also, we talked about the budget, labor, risk & compensation. Task: Have Ma'ikwe estimate expenses, make explicit request for the amount she wants AoC to cover. (Craig will ask her.)

4. Site (Southwest) -- Fred says we've decided to pursue a contract with Bastyr. It's booked and they won't book anyone else for that weekend without checking with us about the specific rooms we want to hold (or release). He's talking with them about flexibility while we figure out our preferred rooms and particular uses for the spaces there. Talked about our minimum requirements, wanting to make sure these are covered. We could decide to use more rooms if they remain available later. Fred presented 4 package options on a handout. We like the idea of having all or most of the event happen on one (main) floor of the building, with child care/activities on lower floor, and our staff HQ/office on 2nd floor. Basically, the minimum requirements would look something like this:

Auditorium (Fri eve - Sun.) + one upstairs room, either Cypress or Madrona as "Green Room" (as Fred called it) functioning as staff & volunteer HQ, secure place for personal items, a quiet space to come and get away from the crowd. + 1 room for kid space (Oak or Cedar?) and the majority would be the rest on main floor (Dogwood, Elm, Birch, Hemlock & Willow). We may want an additional upstairs room or 2, medium size, for films and slide shows. Need one room that doen't have bolted-down chairs for a networking and interactive room. All rooms have A/V equipment and good shades for darkening. For movies, we need to confirm what formats we can accomodate. (Syd thinks both videos and DVDs can be shown on large screen via LCD, available in all rooms.) Task: Syd and Fred will talk more about room planning. Task: we need to talk soon about meal ticketing, re: set price, then make sure we have this on registration forms (and tabling forms too?)


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