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Correlain Firebird load-out specs

Class: Battlecruiser-Multipurpose

Length: 1,700 meters

Width: 1,300 Metres

Height: 400 Metres


Officers (1,000) 
Infantry (10,000) 
Enlisted (30,000) 
Gunners (2,000) 


Corellian Engineering Corporation Class 2B Engines 
(Hyperdrive rating: New Class 2)
Speed: 5,000 mph (sublight)

Armour: 400,000 RU Shielding: 10,000,000 SBD


MASPHEAP Cannon Mk 2's (2) 
Quad railgun batteries (360) 
Enhanced Heavy Particle Cannons (180) 
SPHEAPPS Torpedo tubes (16) 
Drone-tubes (16) 
Plasma Cannon Mk 2's (4) 
Rocket batteries (512) 
MACs (32) 
Automated Point Defence Blasters (512) 

Cost: TBC

Affiliation: Republic


Fast-Responce Ship
Ship Of The Line
Command Vessel

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