Princess Knight is a Japanese manga that ran through four serializations from 1953 to 1968, as well as a 1967 Japanese children's animated series. It was dubbed into English and brought over to Western audiences by Joe Oriolo in 1970, where it was called Choppy and the Princess.  But due to several disputes by the syndicators over broadcast rights Choppy and The Princess/Princess Knight was rarely seen in the United States. In 1973, this series was dubbed in Portuguese and premiered in Brazil, where it still has many fans. In 1975, the series was dubbed into French (as Prince Saphir) and aired on TV Channel TF1.  From 1972 to 1992 it was broadcasted in Latin America, dubbed in Spanish. The original Japanese animation was created by Osamu Tezuka, the "God of manga", who is probably best known in the West as the creator of Tetsuwan Atom, also known as Astro Boy. Princess Knight had a similar animation and character design style as Astro Boy, and was targeted towards the same age range. The series was one of the earliest anime produced in color. It also had a profound influence on the women who would eventually come to revolutionize the genre of shōjo mangaPrincess Knight was released in 2001 in the United Kingdom, United States in a bilingual (English/Japanese) edition by Kodansha International, however the edition is out of print and can be hard to find. It has since been licensed by Vertical Inc, Central Video. A preview of the manga was released in the July issue of Viz Media's shōjo magazine, Shojo Beat. A manga revival of the story, titled Sapphire: Princess Knight, by Natsuko Takahashi and Pink Hanamori was launched in the May 2008 issue of Nakayoshi. In 1973 a film version of Princess Knight was released in theaters in the United States entitled Choppy and The Princess, based mainly on the television series. It was later broadcast on syndicated television. 

Cast (UK english version)

  • Princess Knight (Voiced by Yoshiko Ohta)
  • Choppy (Voiced by the late Terry Scott)
  • The King of Silverland (Voiced by Edward Kelsey)
  •  Duke Duralumon (Voiced by Edward Kelsey)
  • Sir Nylor (Voiced by Brain Trueman
  • The Sandman (Voiced by the late Terry Scott)
  • The Puppetman (Voiced by Jordan Rooke to Terry Jones)
  • Sally the Witch (Voiced by Jimmy Hibbert)
  • Additional voices by the late Terry Scott, Brain Trueman, Jordan Rooke to Terry Jones
  • Sally the Witch (Narration by Jordan Rooke to Terry Jones)

Cast (USA English/Japanese Version)

  • The Character Voices (Voices By (none))


  • Princess Knight, Choppy, Sally the Witch: Yoshiko Ohta
  • The King: Kyoji KOBAYASHI
  • The Duke, Load Nylor, The Peppetman, The Sandman: Ichirô NAGAI


Staff (UK English Version)

Staff (USA English/Japanese Version)

  • Disributed by: Oriolo Films Studios

In other languages

  • Arabic - الأميرة ياقوت
  • German - Choppy und die Prinzessin
  • Polish - Czopi i Księżniczka
  • Russian - Принцесса-рыцарь
  • Spanish - Chopy y la Princesa La Princesa Caballero
  • Bulgarian - Чопи и принцесата