Cosmic Horrors

Appendage Swarms

Name: Appendage Swarm
Genre: Occult Horror
Race: Extradimensional Horror
Occupation: Mindless Slave
Age: N/A
Gender: Various
Height: 4'
Weight: 150 Ibs
Description and Character Notes:
Appendage swarms are large tangled messes of tentacles, remsembling a bloated purple bush made of alien appendages. They are slightly more intelligent than Hulks, and rely on their versatile grappling abilities and stealth to launch surprise attacks.
Body: 6
Mind: 2
Soul: 2
Health Points: 40
Energy Points: 20
Shock Value: 8
Combat Value: 3
Defense Value: 1


 Special Movement 2x1 = 2  
 Extra Arms 20x1 = 20  
 Extra Attacks 3x4 = 12  
 Tentacle Strike 3x4 = 12  (15 damage)
   Irritant   (+1 penalty to Body check)
   Tangle   (15 tangle damage)
   Short Range   
 Natural Weapons 1x1 = 1  
 Cannot Talk (Gurgle and Hiss Only) 1x-1 = -1  
 Attacks Females First 1x-1 = -1


Name: Hulk
Genre: Occult Horror
Race: Extradimensional Horror
Occupation: Mindless Slave
Age: N/A
Gender: Various
Height: 9'1"
Weight: 1 Ton
Description and Character Notes:
Hulks are oversized, brutish humanoids composed of an aggregate of tentacles bound with chitinous plates and razor-sharp spines, that lack a developed brain, head or sense of sight. They rely on the information fed to them from telepathic observers, and their advanced senses of smell and hearing. Because of the sheer girth this greature posesses, its charge is both its greatest strength and biggest liability, as it ia unable to steer after it has built up sufficient momentum.
Body: 12
Mind: 1
Soul: 2
Health Points: 370
Energy Points: 15
Shock Value: 34
Combat Value: 5
Defense Value: 3


 Damn Healthy! 30x1 = 30  
 Extra Attacks 10x4 = 40  
 Regeneration 2x4 = 8  
 Natural Weapons 3x1 = 3  
   Claws or Spikes   
 Volatile (Prone to Charging) 2x-1 = -2  
 Awkward Size  (Cannot Fit Through Doorways) 2x-1 = -2  
 Sensory Impairment (Blind) 2x-1 = -2  
 Easily Distracted (Strong Smells or Sounds) 2x-1 = -2

Dream Eaters

Name: Dream Eater
Genre: Occult Horror
Race: Extradimensional Horror
Occupation: Supernatural Puppetmaster
Age: N/A
Gender: Various
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Description and Character Notes:
The Dream Eater appears as a blue and purple humanoid torso and head permanently attached to nearby surfaces by a veritable sea of tentacles. It boasts terrible mental capabilities, and the ability to physically attach itself to Hulk-type horrors to become a truly terrifying enemy.
Body: 2
Mind: 12
Soul: 4
Health Points: 30
Energy Points: 180
Shock Value: 6
Combat Value: 6
Defense Value: 4


 Energy Bonus 10x1 = 10  
 Heavy Armor (Face Exposed) 8x4 - 2 = 30  (160 damage stopped)
   Partial No Armor   
 Telepathy 4x3 = 12  
   Universal Utility   
 Magic (and Psionics) 8x4 = 32  
   Illusion 4x6 = 24  
     Fools All Senses   
   Mind Control 4x2 = 8  
     Specific Category (Other Horrors, Weak Humans)   
   Force Field 11x4 = 44  (135 damage prevented)
     Blocks Incorporeal   
     Blocks Teleport   
     Can Protect Others   
   Meld 2x2 = 4  
     Particular Class Only (With Hulk)   
 Restricted Path (No Movement Unless Melded) 2x-1 = -2

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