The tale of Alice in Wondeland with a sonofjafar twist


Cosmo as Alice

Xion as Alice's Sister

Figaro as Dinah

The Mayor of Halloweentown as The White Rabbit

Mr. Toad as The Doorknob

Nostalgia Critic as The Dodo

Donald Duck as Bird Pushing Guy

Lonesome Ghosts as Caucus Racers

Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny as Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Daffy Duck as The Walrus

Roger Rabbit as The Carpenter

Tack as Bill

Assorted Disney Princesses as The Flowers

Dr. Facilier as The Caterpiller

Tails the Fox as The Chesire Cat

Myotismon as The Mad Hatter

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as The March Hare

Timon as The Dormouse

Assorted Digimon as the creatures of Tulgi Wood

Ed, Edd, and Eddy as The Rose Painters

The Heartless as The Card Guards

Maleficent as The Queen of Hearts

Jafar as The King of Hearts

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