Costume Kid Taking All The Pillows

Pillow Is The 1th episode Of Costume Kid It Starts Of With Costume Kid Thinking Of Trick or Treating On The Couch When Arnold Plays A Mean Trick On Him For Punishment For Eating All His Sisters Candy From Her Boyfriend When he Is Snuggled To The Pillows He Thinks Maybe I Could Stay And Snuggle To These Pillows And Eat My Sisters Candy Yeah! That Will Be Fun Mmmmm I Do Love This Pillows I Love Candy But Pillows Arnold Had A Science Project On Making pillows Brainwash People Into Not Going Out Trick Or Treating Ever He Started To give Costume Kid More Pillows Until He Never Went Out Trick Or Treating With His Friends For Punishment So Costume Kid Knows What Arnold Is Doing Because He Seen His Science Project In The Attic And Started To Annoy Arnold So Arnold Threw A DEATH Blanket At Costume Kid But It Fell Off I Mean The Police Pulled It Of When Saw The Crime Joke That Arnold Had Done It Is sentenced At The End Of This Episode Arnold Went To Jail.

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