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TomArmstrong14's Movie Spoof Version of "Count Duckula"


  • Little Lulu as El Conde Duckula
  • Old Jordan Rooke as Igor
  • Thomas the Tank Engine as Nana
  • Tubby and Friends as Various Personajes
  • Zip Squirrel as Narrador


  • Terry Jones as Little Lulu, Old Jordan Rooke, Sally the Witch and Jordan Rooke
  • Ringo Starr as Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Stuart Lock, Paul Eddington, Richard Briers, Toyho Willcox, Derek Weight, Felicity Ann Kendal and Terry Jones as Little Lulu Characters
  • David Jason and Susan Sheridan as the Other Character Voices from Little Lulu
  • Henry Corden as Zip Squirrel

Spanish Version en the Other Episodes

  • Robin Stevens as El Conde Duckula
  • Mostró Gómora as Igor
  • Nana de Conde Duckula: Emilia Dominguez
  • Dr. Von Goosewing: Nacho Atzin
  • Narrador: Marc Vader
  • Varios: El grupo y Carlos González
  • El Conde McDuckula: Carols Ysberto
  • the Ghost Bird: Ivan Jara

Latino Version en Dear Diary and the other Episodes

  • David Jason as El Conde Patula, Doctor Patoven
  • Jack May as Igor
  • Brian Trueman as Nana de Conde Patula
  • Ruby Wax, Alberto Gavira, Brain Tureman, David Jason, Gloria González
  • Dagoberto de Cervantes as El Conde McPatula
  • José Ángel Espinosa (Ferrusquilla) as the Ghost Bird
  • Alberto Gavira as Barry Clayton the Bird (Narrador)

Serie Used

  • El Conde Duckula - (C) Cosgrove Hall for THAMES TV and TVE

Clip Use

  • Little Lulu - (C) BRB for TVE and VCI
  • Little Lulu - (C) ZIV S.A. and VCI
  • Little Lulu - (C) Nippon Animation
  • T,JyE Rooke - (C) HTV
  • Thomas and Friends - (C) Britt Allcroft for CENTRAL VIDEO and VCI
  • Thomas y Sus Amigos - (C) TVE
  • Sally the Witch - (C) a Filmfair Anime for CENTRAL VIDEO and VCI

Dedicated to

  • Captainleo
  • Tonypilot
  • MrWaltDisneyClassic
  • LionheartCaptain

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