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  • Ernie and Count going Shopping
  • Bert, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch sing about what they love: "Pigeons and Cookies and Trash." [1]
  • Ernie says Almost Letter of the Day
  • Ernie and Bert: Bert is trying to read his book when Ernie starts singing a song about addition. As Ernie sings, he's joined by Cookie Monster and Grover, some cows, an elephant, and a Martian. At the end of the song, Ernie leaves Bert with a room full of singing monsters and animals. [2]
  • Ernie says Letter of the Day
  • A rooster comedian is yanked off stage, and vaudeville team Big Bird and Snuffy introduce the letter of the day ... [3]
  • Pencil box G / g [4]
  • Computer G / g [5]
  • The rooster comedian bombs again, so Big Bird and Snuffy introduce an alphabet segment ...[6]
  • Almost for Number of the Day
  • An operatic bird attempts to sing "Largo al factotum," but once again, the stage belongs to Big Bird and Snuffy, who feel a song coming on . [7]
  • Count says Number of the Day
  • A magician attempts a suspension act, which fails. Big Bird and Snuffy then come back out to introduce the number of the day ... [8]
  • Rap# 11
  • Milo Counting: 11
  • Almost for Elmo's World
  • Zoe, Prairie Dawn, Rosita and Betty Lou sing "Girl of the World." [9]
  • Ernie says Elmo's World
  • Elmo's World : Computers [10]
  • Ernie says by the Letter G and Count says the Number 11 and Ernie and Count saying Goodbye.

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