This is the opening countertop for A Chipmunk Christmas.


  • Announcer: For years, everyone fell in love with the singing chipmunks who toured since the late 50s'. Because it's time to remember the Christmas special that began the Chipmunks' revival. That's right, last week at Big Idea, a Christmas special from the early eighties has been discovered under a desk. Now all the world is waiting in fevered anticipation to watch... "Alvin and the Chipmunks in: A Chipmunk Christmas". And now, a word from the world's favorite mischief-makers, aka, the world's favorite motivationally-challenged seafarers.
  • Larry the Cucumber: Hi there, and welcome to VeggieTales. Buccaneer Larry here.
  • Mr. Lunt: I'm Pirate Lunt.
  • Pa Grape: And this is Captain Pa. Together, we're: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.
  • Buccaneer Larry: Our last show was called "Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed".
  • Pirate Lunt: There was a lot of superhero action. We're doing the best we can to fit in all - in our next show!
  • Captain Pa: You know, this reminds me... (grabs a piece of paper) ...of a message I got from a kid who lives in London, England. His name is Ralph Jennifer Perkins, but everyone at school calls him "Turbo". He writes: "Dear the Chipmunks/Pirates, I love your songs. Including your pirate one. I love to watch you perform for people in different towns and cities. This left me wondering: Can you at least make your next show, star a cowboy, and a space ranger? If so, then a happy heart can be yours. Signed, Ralph"
  • Pirate Lunt: Has he tried writing musicals for Broadway? And the West End?
  • Buccaneer Larry: You mean, The West End of London?
  • Pirate Lunt: Yes. That.
  • Buccaneer Larry: What he's saying is, that our next show is about a hi-tech space ranger tomato, and an old-fashioned cowboy rag cuke.
  • Pirate Lunt: Personally, I find that story riveting. Full of flawed characters and classic super hero action.
  • Captain Pa: Ah, yes. "P.S.: To infinity and beyond!".
  • Jean-Claude, Phillipe, Mr. Nezzer, Guitarist Denny (Bob) and Al (Archibald): (arrive, as disco stars) What's all the hubbub?
  • Pirate Lunt: We're preparing the next show! I'm in charge of the makeup department.
  • Buccaneer Larry: I see. We're doing a show before that one. It stars us as the beloved animal trio!
  • Denny: Wait, where have I heard this before?
  • (We go into his head)
  • (Door opens)
  • French Woman: I LOVE BEING PURPLE!!!!!!!! Faded, their edges are chicks. This rose is on backward, and this one is flicked.
  • (First few seconds of You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive plays, as the Lazy Susan was spun twice)
  • Denny: Oh no no no! You're eating the cowboy! Don't eat the cowboy! Not the cowboy! Oh you stupid dog! (Larry arrives, dressed as The Fox from Disney's Pinocchio) Larry, what are you doing? I'M SCARED! Get that fox tail off of you! You're not a monkey!
  • (Back to reality)
  • Denny: I have a big fear that my three friends are... CHIPMUNKS. That is all wrong. We gotta do it again.
  • Buccaneer Larry: Why didn't I think of that!? Those three boys are big and strong, charming, manly... You can never trust how they go. I'm gonna this a go-around. Phillipe? Jean-Claude? Denny? Mr. Nezzer? Al? Do you agree me?
  • All, except Denny: Yeah.
  • Pirate Lunt: Anyways, we're doing this as a present for the viewers watching! This story is about using our gifts for others. Put on your boogie shoes, and groove to the beat of "A Chipmunk Christmas".
  • Captain Pa: Roll film!
  • Denny: (looks straight into the camera) What are you people looking at!?! (fade to black) Three pirates as chipmunks!?! Help me, mommy! Call 911! S-O-S!

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