Courage The Cowardly Dog: Nowhere Madness is the first volume of Courage The Cowardly Dog that was made by Pikachufreak in September 2001. It has five episodes from the first two seasons.


  1. A Night At The Katz Motel
  2. Hothead
  3. Courage In The Big Stinking City
  4. The Duck Brothers
  5. Journey To The Center of Nowhere

Bonus Features

  1. Losing Lancelot (Mike, Lu and Og)
  2. My Friend The Smart Banana (I Am Weasel)


  • Release Date: September 18, 2001.
  • This is the first Courage The Cowardly Dog volume to be released.
  • The trailers are seen together.
  • Mike, Lu and Og and I Am Weasel are among the bonus features

Opening Previews

  1. FBI Warning
  2. Pokémon 3 The Movie Trailer
  3. Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory Trailer
  4. See Spot Run Trailer
  5. Scooby-Doo and The Cyber Chase Trailer
  6. The Powerpuff Girls: Meet The Beat-Alls Trailer
  7. Warner Home Video logo (1997-present)
  8. Stay Tuned bumper
  9. A Cartoon Network Presentation logo
  10. Cartoon Cartoons logo (with Bubbles)
  11. Courage The Cowardly Dog intro
  12. A Night At Katz Model Title Card
  13. First few seconds of A Night At Katz Model

Cover Artwork

Front Cover

  • Courage, Muriel and Eustace

Back Cover

  • Shwick from "Courage In The Big Stinking City"
  • The Eggplants from "Journey To The Center of Nowhere"

Cover Color

  • Red

Running Time

  • 55 Minutes


  • ???

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