He's the TV spoof of Barney with the Barney parodies of the Theme Song and I Love You.

Cournarney Opening Theme (Tune of Yankee Doodle)

Cournarney is a happy friend that he made up ourselves

He loves to play and sing all day that he made up ourselves

Welcome friends from far and near. Come explore the music here for this is the farm is like no other. Here on a  music farm with the Biscuit Brothers.

Cournarney Ending Theme (Tune of This Old Man)

Him is you

Her is me

He's as big as big can be

You sure found this way that you could get along

Would take place standing for today

The brothers are done for another day, but they'll be back soon with more songs to play. But until that time, you're something to do. Go make the music that's inside of you.

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