Courts of Raem




Bloodline of Chaos

5 points

Required to successfully assay the Logrus.

Blood of Amber

15 points

Required to successfully assay the Logrus or Pattern. The cost for this trait subsumes that of the Blood of Chaos.

Corrupt Blood of Amber

10 points A version of the Blood of Amber where the character no longer has the ability to assay the Logrus. They may only survive attempts at the Pattern.

Blood of Corwin

25 points

This trait adds the ability to walk Corwins pattern to the Blood of Amber. It also indicates that Corwin is part of the character's ancestry.

Blood of Random

15 Points

The character is a blood-descendant of Random, possibly calling Martin brother, father, or uncle. The character can assay the Pattern, but is barred from assaying the Logrus (and living).

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