Courts of Raem




Because the Courts of Raem have no loyalty (or recognition) with Amber or Chaos gaining initiation into the Logrus or Courts of Raem: Pattern is exceptionally difficult, even if a character somehow possesses all the requirements including being of the proper Bloodlines. These modified rules are presented, primarily, as a point of reference.

Gaining initiation into the Logrus requires a character to be of the Blood of Chaos. A properly prepared character can essay the Logrus successfully with both Amber ranked Psyche and Endurance, though Courts of Raem: Shape Shifting, allows those of only Chaos ranked Psyche and Endurance.

Logrus Initiate

10 points

The most basic ability of having successfully assayed the Logrus is the ability to summon to mind an image of that construct. With the seething, pulsing construct of the Logrus in mind, a character may choose to See through the central body, effectively creating an "eye" or "lens" which filters pattern and chaos- making spotting Real and Powerful things easy, including the fissures in shadow through which many Shadow travelers pass. While simply perceiving these fissures is generally enough to travel along them near Chaos they become impassable to all but the most adept Shape Shifters long before reaching Ygg.

Summoning the Logrus to mind can require up to half an hour for a Chaos Psyche initiate, and 10 minutes for Amber ranked initiates.

Logrus Adept

10 points, Logrus Initiate, Tendral Search

Halves the time required to summon the Logrus and perform most functions. Roughly doubles the effectiveness at shadow-shifting

Logrus Master

20 points, Logrus Adept, Logrus Summoning,

Additional Abilities

Tendril Search

10 Points, Logrus Initiate

The first advancement most Logrus Initiates seek, and gain, is the use of the Tendrils that reach out, and comprise, the central mass. Using these tendrils the character can reach out and "feel" the area around them, searching miles within a shadow within moments, and extending beyond the shadow to explore ahead or search. The use of tendrils to feel wider areas and, to a limited degree, widen fissures significantly improves the shadow-mobility of a character, though passing fissures beyond Ygg still requires a significantly capable Shape Shifter, most moderately skilled ones can arrive at that point.

Tendril Manipulation

5 Points, Tendril Search

The character can lift and manipulate objects with Logrus tendril's using their Psyche as Strength.

Logrus Summoning

10 Points, Tendril Manipulation

The initiate can now not only find things in shadow, using the Logrus tendrils, and manipulate them, but can also call them to him, pulling them through shadow.

Logrus Combat

10 Points, Logrus Initiate

The character can maintain focus on the Logrus even when under attack. This is particularly useful when using Tendril Manipulation to wield weapons, or the tendrils themselves as weapons.

Logrus Spell Storage

10 Points, Logrus Initiate

The character can rack spells on the Logrus. While the Logrus allows significantly more spells to be racked within its shifting form than the Courts of Raem: Pattern, they also degrade much more swiftly becoming useless (or dangerous!) within a week at most.

Logrus Defense

5 Points, Logrus Initiate

Provides improved resistance against Pattern, magic, and most other sorts of Power.

Logrus Shield

5 Points, Logrus Manipulation, Logrus Defense

Provides a physical shield against most sorts of physical, energy, and magical attacks, but not non-physical or non-directional attacks such as Trumps or Pattern.


  • Manipulate Shadow
  • Summon and Control Creatures of Chaos
  • Shape Logrus servants
  • Weaken Shadow
  • Corrupt Shadow
  • Summon Primal Chaos.
  • Black Road

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