Courts of Raem




Because the Courts of Raem have no loyalty (or recognition) with Amber or Chaos gaining initiation into the Courts of Raem: Logrus or Pattern is exceptionally difficult, even if a character somehow possesses all the requirements including being of the proper Bloodlines. These modified rules are presented, primarily, as a point of reference.

Gaining initiation into the Pattern requires a character to be of the Blood of Amber, as well as both Amber ranked Psyche and Endurance, though Shape Shifting, allows those of only Chaos ranked Psyche or Endurance to survive (the other attribute must still be rated at least Amber).

Pattern Initiate

20 points

The most basic ability of having successfully traversed the Pattern is the ability to Walk through Shadow.

Pattern Adept

10 points, Pattern Initiate, Pattern Image

Halves the time required to summon the Pattern and perform most functions. Roughly doubles the effectiveness at shadow-shifting.

Pattern Master

20 points, Pattern Adept,

Additional Abilities

Pattern Image

10 Points, Pattern Initiate

Pattern Spell Storage

10 Points, Pattern Initiate

The character can rack spells on the Pattern. While the Pattern will not degrade spells racked upon it quickly, it's static form has less "space" than the chaotic and shifting Courts of Raem: Logrus.

Pattern Defense

5 Points, Pattern Initiate, Pattern Image

Provides improved resistance against Logrus, Trump, magic, and most other sorts of Power.


  • Manipulate Probability
  • Open Path
  • Royal Way
  • Hellride
  • Walk the Pattern of the Mind
  • Bird of Desire
  • Pattern Lense
  • Bolster Shadow
  • Shadow Pocket
  • Shadow Manipulation

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