Courts of Raem




The importance of Raem itself is manyfold. First, the shadow rests, for those who consider such things, relatively close to the barrier between Chaos shadow and Amber shadow. Further, Raem is, itself, a nexus for a small number of dependent shadows, not unlike Amber's "Golden Circle." Remarkably Real for its location, these Courts have a number of other unusual features and some interesting places of power scattered throughout them. As for the features, many of the educated understand the concept of Shadow, and that they are part of that to some degree. There is, in fact, significant trade between this group of "close" Shadows. Further, a book written as memoirs written regarding the lead up and events of the Patternfall War has circulated widely, and are thus probably as informed as if not more informed than most in Amber.

It is worth noting that none of the recognized Amberites are known to be aware or have visited Raem. The inhabitants of Raem feel that if the elders became aware of it would likely receive strong pressure to come under the sway of one of the Greater Powers. However, a number of forces and “natural” phenomena seem to have conspired to protect it from chance intrusion by the rulers of shadow. The entire area seems to be out of the major pathways through shadow, in no small part because many of the approaches to Raem through shadow are desolate stretches swept by shadow-storms. There are some among the Raemins who believe that the reason that these features exist is its Reality, both consequence and cause of the other features which would bring both Amberites and Chaosians in droves.

Shadow: Raem- seat of the King, center of the Courts.

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