Cowboy Knights is a Canadian/American animated television series created by Americanime artist Glen Murakami and comedy producer Dan Schnieder. This serves as a spin-off to Stick Around which lasted from 2010 through 2012. The animation is produced in Canada with the style of Boiler Paint simulating children's crude drawings while voice acting is done in Walt Disney Pictures. Unlike the original series, it will air on Disney Channel with Spencer Boldman and Billy Unger replacing Candi Milo and will premiere in May 28, 2013.


Lance and Russel, characters from Stick Around, have been chosen to become Twin Sherrifs of the Medieval West. As the legendary Cowboy Knights, they must face off the evil dreaded warrior, Butterbean.


  • Spencer Boldman - Lance Addison
  • Billy Unger - Russel
  • Tom Kenny - Dil
  • James Arnold Taylor - Butterbean

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