Crafting Items

In general, crafting items uses a set of base items and variant items. See here <item page link> for the various item properties

Crafting an item is the same as most games, with a recipe and various ingredients. However, in Akami, you can also experiment with or research the recipe to discover variations or other differentiations that you can use to change an items effects, appearance, etc. I, personally, find it easiest to explain this with a process, which you can read below. Should you wish to describe this differently, feel free to edit the article however you want.

Crafting Process

First, you learn a recipe, like most games. For this example, we'll be using a fake one (that, of course, you could invent/patent) called "Flying Fowl." The recipe calls for a whole chicken and two Rinrin Wings. If you don't research the recipe, you can find other variations like "When Pigs Fly" or "Flying... Cattle?" that are similar in ingredients to "Flying Fowl." If you DO research the recipe, then you can find the base ingredients for the recipe.

In "Flying Fowl," the base ingredients are a large piece of meat and two medium or large wings. From there, you can deepen your research into, say, the wings, and find ways to substitute the wings from two medium or large wings for four small wings, adding another option. You could also deepen into the meat and find a way to use smaller scraps of meat, or you can research recipe additions.

In order to research recipe additions, you need to have at least researched the base ingredients. Once you have that, you can discover various things to add in, aside from the meat and wings. You won't research a broad spectrum and find five garnishes and spices all at once (at least, not right away), you'll only research an addition at a time. Of course, all of these steps could be skipped by simply experimenting in the cooking window.

If you don't want to waste all of your time doing all of this research, you can simply experiment for the base recipe. By substituting meats, woods, inks, whatever, you can discover all of the information that you could through researching by experimenting. Generally, it takes a fair mixture of successes and failures to get all of the data right.

The Crafting Window

The window in which you would perform all of your crafting deeds would be a box with a list of recipes. When you click a recipe, the box changes to make the recipe the entire box. The name of the recipe would be listed on the top, and below that would be a picture of the item. The item would start off gray, but would add in colors and shapes as you added in your materials via a series of drop boxes. Once you'd created the items appearance, you'd get a list of effects in a small side window attached to the box. After changing around a couple of materials to change the effects or appearance (if you want) and you're happy with the results, you can click "create" and the recipe will be crafted.

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