Crandonian Mana is mana that cannot be obtained thru methods taught at the Academy, and is most often seen in spellcasters more intimate with the subtleties of mana. This mana was never used by people recruited to the Academy, rather it was used by outsiders in the LTE.

Types of Crandonian Mana

There are ten colors in Crandonian mana: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White, Black, Teal, Gray, Pink, and Purple. Blue, Red, Green, White, and Black are easily obtained through the normal mana tapping procedures and are the easiest to work with, notwithstanding the fact that Dominarian mana is a conglomeration of up to three Crandonian colors per Dominarian one. This article will deal exclusively with the remaining five colors: Yellow Mana, Teal Mana, Gray Mana, Pink Mana, and Purple Mana.

Yellow Mana

Yellow mana represents the living Earth, and opposes Green mana. While Green's strategies are creature-based, Yellow's strategies revolve around land - namely, depriving your opponent of it. It is often associated with Green and Red, with whom it shares land-affecting spells. Yellow mana is drawn from Deserts.

Yellow mana also dabbles in burn spells in the shape of electrical attacks (such as Lightning Bolt).

Yellow's creatures tend to be defensive walls, and several have abilities dealing directly with land.

Teal Mana

Teal mana represents the sojourns and shrouds of time, including ways to manipulate it short of time travel (which is impossible short of silver, Zodiac Ore, or Thran metal). Teal mana is opposed by Gray mana, and is often associated with Red and Blue, both of which have time-altering effects (Haste and Sorceries, respectively). Teal mana is drawn from Streams.

Teal has a poor amount of creatures, and these creatures are weak, but Teal creatures tend to be somewhat cheap and react quickly to commands, oftentimes shrugging off the jet lag that normally comes with being summoned.

Gray Mana

Also sometimes jokingly referred to as the "Artifact Color", Gray mana represents machines and the void, both outer space and imbecility. Gray opposes Teal mana, and is often associated with Black and Blue. Gray mana is drawn from Tundras.

Gray's creatures are almost always artificial or have something to do with artifice, while its spells deal almost exclusively with making an opponent forget or making opposing armies bow down and refuse to attack.

Pink Mana

Pink mana represents the ever-living soul, and opposes Purple Mana. It is drawn from Oceans, and is associated with White and Green.

Pink's strategies are also heavily creature-based, but Pink mana is much more of a threat because Pink creatures tend to be indestructible or have some way of biting back from the grave thru magic.

Purple Mana

Purple mana represents the psyche, and opposes Pink mana. It is drawn from Mesas, and is often associated with White and Black.

Purple mana, also referred to as psionics, is able to do almost anything you can wish it to do. However, many Purple spells rely on the caster's servants helping to chip in on the costs of the spell, and Purple creatures aren't that strong.

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