Colin as Timmy

Twilight Sparkle (from My Little Pony) as Timmy's Mom

Spike (from My Little Pony) as Timmy's Dad

Thomas as Flappy Bob

Cranky as Cosmo

Elizabeth as Wanda

Henrietta as Vicky

Caroline as Trixie

Rocky as AJ

Henry as Chester

Dennis as Elmer

Stephen as Sanjay

Annie as Veronica

Den as Tad

Dart as Chad

Diesel as Mark

Emily as Mandie

Stepney as Crimson Chin

Arthur as Binky

Lorry 1 as Francis

Duck as Jorgen Von Strangle

Splatter/Dodge as Juandissimmo

Flora as Blonda

Millie as Genderal Waxeplex

Spencer as Mr Crocker

Flying Scotsman as Chet

Timothy as Chip

Molly/Belle as Tooth Fairy

D261 as Remy

Gordon as Bucky

Evil Cranky as Anti-Cosmo

Evil Elizabeth as Anti-Wanda

Diesel 10 as Norm

Trucks (from Cranky and The Trucks, Cranky and The Breakdown Train, Dirty Objects, Pop Goes the Silver Engine, and Dirty Work) as The Robots Becoming Evil

Good Trucks as Nice Robots

Bertram as Gary

Lorry 2 as Pokernatior

Lorry 3 as Darth Bliazer

Sir Handel as Superbike

Water Tower as Super Toilet

Max/Monty as Servace

Truck as Alien Robot

Trucks as Elimaters

Another Truck as Turbo Thunder

Evil Engines as Anti-Fairies

Derek as Pappy

Jem Cole as Pokeye

Mr Conductor's Evil Twin (from Shining Time Station) as Pokeye Enemy

TV Characters (from Mario, SuperTed, The Simpsons, Sesame Street and Family Guy) as The Old Cartoon Characters on TV

Salty as Poof

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