• Coco Bandicoot as Alice
  • Tawna Bandicoot as Alice's Sister
  • Pura as Dinah
  • Doctor N.Gin as Mad Hatter
  • Pinstripe Potoroo as March Hare
  • Von Clutch as White Rabbit
  • Crash Bandicoot as The Cheshire Cat
  • Doctor Nefarious Tropy as The Caterpillar
  • Pasadena O'Possum as Rose
  • Ami, Isabella, Liz and Megumi as The Flowers
  • Nina Cortex as The Bird In The Tree
  • Komodo Moe and Komodo Joe as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  • Rusty Walrus as The Walrus
  • Doctor Nitrus Brio as The Carpenter
  • The Lab Assistants as The Card Soldiers
  • Doctor Neo Cortex as The King Of Hearts
  • Madame Amberly as The Queen Of Hearts