Version 1 (Made By BrittalCroftFan do not edit, add, or delete!!!)

  • Dingodile as Yakko
  • Crash Bandicoot as Wakko
  • Coco Bandicoot as Dot
  • Tiny Tiger as Ralph
  • Aku Aku as Dr Otto
  • Tawna Bandicoot as Hello Nures
  • Crunch Bandicoot as Mr Plotz
  • Nina Cortex as Slappy The Squrriel
  • Polar as Skippy The Squrriel
  • The Evil Twins as Pinky and The Brain
  • Pura as Mindy
  • Fake Crash/Trash Bandicoot as Buttons
  • Pasadena and Ebenezer Von Clutch as Rita and Runt
  • The Elementals as Pesto, Bobby, Squit, and Solley The God Pigeon
  • Elora (from Spyro The Dragon) as Minerva Mink
  • Spyro and Cynder (from Spyro The Dragon) as Flavio and Marita
  • Nash as Chicken Boo
  • Dr N Tropy as Mr Director
  • Dr N Gin as The Clown
  • Rilla Roo as Wally Llama
  • Madame Amberly as Miss Flamiel
  • Uka Uka as King Salazar
  • Bianca (from Spyro The Dragon) as Mindy's Mother
  • Papu Papu as Captain Of The Guards
  • Koala Kong as Michaelangelo
  • Bearminator as Walter Wolf
  • Tikimon as The Dragon
  • Geary as Baloney

Version 2 (Please Do Not Edit or Delete!)

  • Crash Bandicoot as Yakko Warner
  • Polar as Wakko Warner
  • Pasadena Opossum as Dot Warner
  • Aku Aku as Dr. Otto Scratchansniff
  • Coco Bandicoot as Hello Nurse
  • Dingodile as Thaddeus Plotz
  • Von Clutch as Ralph the Guard
  • Chick Gizzard Lips as Mr. Director
  • Madame Amberly as Miss Flamiel
  • Tikimon as The Dragon
  • Papu Papu as Baloney the Dinosaur
  • The Evil Twin #1 as Pinky
  • The Evil Twin #2 as The Brain
  • Nina Cortex as Slappy Squirrel
  • Ripper Roo as Skippy Squirrel
  • Dr. Neo Cortex as Walter Wolf
  • Komodo Joe as Sid the Squid
  • Komodo Moe as Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison
  • Tawna Bandicoot as Mindy
  • Fake Crash as Buttons
  • Rok-Yo the Earth Elemental as Pesto
  • Wa-Wa the Water Elemental as Bobby
  • Py-Ro the Fire Elemental as Squit
  • YaYa Panda as Rita
  • Pura as Runt
  • Crunch Bandicoot as Flavio Hippo
  • Tawna Bandicoot as Marita Hippo
  • Ami Bandicoot as Minerva Mink
  • Uka Uka as King Salazar

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