Version 1 (Made By BrittalCroftFan)

  • Dingodile as Robin Hood
  • Crunch Bandicoot as Little John
  • Pasadena as Maid Marian
  • Tiny Tiger as Friar Tuck
  • Moneybags (from Spyro) as Alan A Dale
  • Dr Neo Cortex as Prince John
  • Ripto (from Spyro) as Sir Hiss
  • Papu Papu as Otto
  • Gnasty Gnorc (from Spyro) as Sheriff Of Nottingham
  • Crash Bandicoot as Skippy
  • Coco Bandicoot as Sis
  • Polar as Toby
  • Pura as Tagalong
  • Nina Cortex as Tagalong
  • Uglette (from Rayman) as Mrs Rabbit
  • The Ant Trilogy as The Guards
  • Dr Nitrus Brio as Trigger
  • Clark (from Rayman) as Nusty
  • Spyro and Cynder (from Spyro) as Mr and Mrs Mouse
  • Red (from Spyro) as The Captain Of The Guards
  • Bentley (from Spyro) as King Richard
  • Tikimon as The Runaway Tent
  • Globox (from Rayman) as Toby's Dad
  • Rayman and Ly The Fairy (from Rayman) as The Owls
  • The Teensies (from Rayman) as The Racoons

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