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Author: Tech Weaver

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Writer's Guide

Organization name: Crash Faction


Leader: Crash

Motto: "From the ruins of a fallen nation, there will arise a post-apocalyptic bastion. That's us! Team Rocket's Crash Faction!"


Grunts wear standard Team Rocket uniforms altered to Crash Faction specifications. The red "R" is replaced with a burning "C" and hats are replaced by berets. Elites may make further alterations.


Lacking Giovanni's leadership, Team Rocket has fallen into disarray. While some pine for the glory days, others strive to revive and surpass them. That's the Crash Faction.

Disenfranchised with Team Rocket's sorry state, they have decided to reunite Team Rocket and weed out the dead wood. The followers of Crash share a vision of perfection: They believe the weaker and incompetant members were the downfall of Team Rocket and must be eliminated to maintain a glorious criminal empire. The Crash Faction will disinfect the Team Rocket body of the infestation of ineffective goofballs so that the best and brightest rogues and thieves may thrive.

In short, Crash Faction = Rocket Nazis.


Major decisions are made by Crash and passed on the highest-ranking Elites. The Elites handle the details either on their own or by passing further orders down to subordinates.

Exact makeup of the Faction is unknown almost to the point of decentralization, much like Team Rocket. Only the Elites and Crash seem to know everything about their organization, as reports are often passed up to them through the ranks.

Member descriptions

Crash (leader) Crash is mysterious, yet enigmatic. Some doubt their leader's existance, seeing CGI Persain avatar facade as a singular face placed upon decision-making commitee. Even so, such followers believe in Crash's ideals, if not the idol, enough to pursue them to the death.

Crash has never been seen in person to anyone's knowledge, only on various screens and monitors as a CGI Persain. Attempts to trace Crash's transmissions end in failure and confusion, leading authorities to believe that they are dealing with a master hacker.

Wing (Elite) Wing is seen as the second in command, answering only to Crash and alledgedly being the first Elite. He takes his position as seriously as any other anime megavillain. His attitude would sometimes be viewed as overconfident if it weren't for the fact that he's so damned good at what he does.

Master of All Things Sharp and/or Pointy, Crash is a force to be reckoned with in any sort of battle. Especially in Pokemon battles, where he has been known to literally cut a match short by killing the opposing trainer. Some claim he does so because he has no skill as a trainer, but never to his face. Weapons of choice include throwing knives, often between each finger, and fancy-looking swords. He is not beyond using pole arms, especially if they have blades or sharp points.

As such, he also has a preference for sharp and pointy Pokemon. His Skarmory and Scyther have been trained exceptionally well, as have his Farfetch'd, Sneasel, Ninetales and Nidoking. If it weren't for the possibility of being killed halfway through the match, one might say his team has a glaring weakness.

Wing's Motto: "As the harbringer of perdition, I shall carve graves with your inscription! The name's Wing, of Team Rocket's Crash Faction!"

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