This is a game called Crayola: Color Quizzer.

Color Choices

  1. silly putty, apricot, mango tango, nacho cheese
  2. water slide, aqua, ice cube, cerulean
  3. dandelion, sunflower, solar flare, yellow duckling
  4. graphite, gray, asphalt, aluminum
  5. indigo, blue purple, igloo, sea salt
  6. bean sprout, freshly cut grass, green yellow, olive
  7. sunburn, scarlet, thermometer red, lipstick
  8. raspberry, bubble gum, sunrise, violet red
  9. cadet blue, major blue, gray blue, uniform blue
  10. walnut, chestnut, treasure chest, covered wagon
  11. pink orange, orange pink, cantaloupe, melon
  12. peach, silly putty, pear, potato chip
  13. sea blue, sky blue, frozen blue, pale blue
  14. milk chocolate, sand castle, earth, tan
  15. timberwolf, big bad wolf, chimney, titanium
  16. light purple, mystery, wisteria, morning glory
  17. firewood, burlap, burnt sienna, pirate ship
  18. pacific blue, fish tank blue, blue whale, water fountain
  19. marigold, spicy mustard, goldenrod, golden sunshine
  20. kiwi, honeydew melon, sour apple, granny smith apple
  21. dark pink, lavender, bubble bath, power purple
  22. macaroni and cheese, bacon and eggs, meat and potatoes, sunrise and sunset
  23. red brown, oak, mahogany, petrified wood
  24. fantastic, wonderful, astounding, mauvelous
  25. zucchini, camouflage green, olive green, major green
  26. purple mountains' majesty, purple doghouse, vermilion valleys' valor, cotton candy purple
  27. hot cocoa, raw sienna, medium-well brown, tall oak
  28. strawberry milkshake, catch of the day, salmon, swordfish
  29. sea green, land green, aquatic, statue of liberty
  30. truffle, dark chocolate, antique, sepia
  31. fall green, spring green, seedling green, fresh green
  32. tumbleweed, stagecoach brown, weathered wood, espresso
  33. snow flurry, chilled out, blue, blue raspberry
  34. happy heart, red, fireplace, hot head
  35. yield, lily, bumble bee, yellow
  36. solar eclipse, black hole, black, penguin tux
  37. paw print, brown, chocolate cake, tree bark
  38. orange, clementine, sunrise, birthday candle
  39. grape, blueberry, violin, violet (purple)
  40. jungle leaf, pine cone, green, string bean
  41. island blue, ocean blue, seaweed, blue green
  42. dark purple, space explorer purple, grape juice, blue violet
  43. pencil eraser, carnation pink, bubblegum, pretty in pink
  44. carrot cake, red orange, fireworks orange, crimson
  45. red violet, purple lipstick, purple dinosaur, purple berry
  46. snow flake, polar bear, white, blank
  47. peapod green, yellow green, spearmint, guava
  48. sunburst, pumpkin pie, under construction, yellow orange
  49. periwinkle, wrinkle resistant, night sky, light violet
  50. straw red, wood red, brick red, dark red
  51. magenta, radish, magnet, beet
  52. eggplant, purple jam, grape jelly, plum
  53. pterodactyl egg blue, robin's egg blue, green eggs and ham, sea salt blue
  54. gold, fool's gold, golden retriever, yellow sparkle
  55. mercury, silver, platinum, shiny gray
  56. petunia, bubblegum, cherry snow-cone, tickle me pink
  57. awesome, raging sun rays, magma, mega magenta
  58. bean sprout, giving tree, mint green, green eggs and ham
  59. famous, celebrity, ballet shoe, bubble gum
  60. sun in the fun, sleep in the sun, fun in the shade, fun in the sun
  61. acquaintances, best friends, strangers, rivals
  62. highlighter, happy, super happy, super sleepy
  63. happy ever after, happy for a while, fairytale blue, igloo
  64. otter high five, bear hug, brown, bizarre brown

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