• Beaver as Rowlf the Dog
  • Tan as Bust of Beethoven
  • Sky Blue as Sam the Eagle
  • Purple Pizzazz as Floyd Pepper
  • Outrageous Orange as Fozzie Bear
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy as Beauregard


(Sky Blue watches as Outrageous Orange and Fuzzy Wuzzy, still in the crystal ball, pass by.)

Sky Blue: That was disgusting! You aught to be ashamed of yourself!

(Purple Pizzazz scoots in.)

Sky Blue: Ugh, that sketch was the last straw. That does it - I am leaving!

(Purple Pizzazz is unresponsive.)

Sky Blue: Well? Don't you have anything to say to me before I go?

Purple Pizzazz: ...oh, yeah!

Sky Blue: Hm?

Purple Pizzazz: On your way out, would you empty the garbage? (exits, laughing)

Sky Blue: Beatnik! I have spent my last moment in this theater.

(Beaver passes by, carrying a bust of Tan.)

Beaver: Aw, that's too bad, Sky Blue! You're gonna miss my tribute to Beethoven.

Sky Blue: I don't care, as long as...Beethoven?

Beaver: Mm-hmm.

Sky Blue: A-are you serious?

Beaver: Would I joke about Beethoven? He's my idol! See? (exits)

Sky Blue: Ah, Beethoven, at last! Oh, well, for Beethoven I'll stay - he's my favorite playwright.

Beaver: (playing the scale) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

(Beaver plays "Eight Little Notes" with the help of his singing bust of Tan.)

Beaver: All he had was
Eight little notes
Just eight little notes
But oh
What Mister B
did with
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
All he used were
Eight little notes
Just eight count 'em
Eight like these
He'd mix and match
And hatch a batch
Of catchy melodies
Now I could take
Two notes
And come up with
Nothing of note
Mr. B took a G
And a flattened E
And wrote
Wasn't that fantastic?
All he had was
Eight little notes
Just eight little notes
Like these
Which goes to show
That one
man's scale
Is another man's
Oh, yeah!
Yet all he had was
Eight little notes
Just eight little notes
Just eight
But he wrote nine
And also some great
Quartets quintets
Fugues & Cantatas
Plus an opera and
A few cantatas
Using only
Eight little notes
In a row
Do Re Me Fa
Sol La Ti Do.

Tan: Do Re Me Fa
Sol La Ti Do.
Do Re Me Fa
Sol La Ti Do.

Beaver: Do Ti La Sol
Fa Me Re Do.