• Middle Blue Green as Boober Fraggle


Middle Blue Green: I'm never alone.
I never feel lonely.
I'm always at home,
With me.

Got nothing to lose.
I got good times only.
I don't get the blues,
With me.

Why should I be looking for company?
That'll only make you cry.
Everyone seems to be looking for somebody.
I've go myself, myself has I.

So don't be alone.
Don't ever feel lonely.
You're always at home,
With you.

Got nothing to lose.
You'll get good times only.
You won't get the blues,
With you.

Why should you be looking for company,
That'll only make you blue.
Everyone seems to be looking for somebody.
You've got yourself, yourself has you.

I'm never alone.
I'll never feel lonely.
I'm happy and free, naturally.
I'll be so at home with me.

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