• Yellow as Big Bird
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy as Snuffy


Yellow: (spoken) Wow!
(singing) When there's someplace you want to be,
but you're not quite sure where you're going.

Fuzzy Wuzzy: Oh, yeah!

Yellow: It's so easy
to look and see
on a map.

Fuzzy Wuzzy: This way.

Yellow: On a map.
If we're here, I'll bet that great big square
is a school right across the street.
And beside it on a map right there,
is a bike shop.

Fuzzy Wuzzy: Wow, this is neat.

Yellow: On the corner, there's a bus stop sign.
Here it is just like the picture said.
If we turn and walk in one straight line,
we'll find the Fix-It Shop straight ahead.

Fuzzy Wuzzy: Yeah! (scatting)

Yellow: When there's someplace you want to go,
but you're not quite sure how to get there,
here's a tip that's so great to know:
use a map!

Fuzzy Wuzzy: Use a map!

Yellow: There's Hooper's Store!

Yellow and Fuzzy Wuzzy: We did it!

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