• Caribbean Green as Jim Henson
  • Unmellow Yellow as Frank Oz
  • Purple Pizzazz as Jerry Nelson
  • Outrageous Orange as Richard Hunt
  • Pacific Blue as Dave Goelz
  • Beaver as Steve Whitmire
  • Cadet Blue as Caroll Spinney
  • Piggy Pink as Fran Brill
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy as Kevin Clash
  • Desert Sand as Martin P. Robinson
  • Purple Heart as Bill Barretta
  • Atomic Tangerine as Brian Henson
  • Pink Flamingo as Karen Prell
  • Mango Tango as Kathryn Mullen
  • Tickle Me Pink as Louise Gold
  • Banana Bonanza as David Rudman
  • Electric Lime as Joey Mazzarino
  • Inchworm as Peter Linz
  • Cornflower as Noel MacNeal
  • Banana Mania as Jim Martin
  • Goldenrod as John Tartaglia
  • Blush as Stephanie D'Abruzzo
  • Outer Space as Rick Lyon
  • Radical Red as Tyler Bunch
  • Dandelion as Jennifer Barnhart
  • Neon Carrot as Eric Jacobson
  • Mountain Meadow as Matt Vogel

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