• Yellow as Big Bird
  • Red as Elmo
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy as Snuffy
  • Pacific Blue as Grover
  • Purple Heart as Count von Count
  • Green as Oscar the Grouch
  • Cerulean as Cookie Monster
  • Outrageous Orange as Ernie
  • Unmellow Yellow as Bert
  • Orange as Zoe
  • Fuchsia as Telly Monster
  • Shocking Pink as Prairie Dawn
  • Beaver as Baby Bear
  • Midnight Blue as Herry Monster
  • Mango Tango, Forest Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Magenta, Cotton Candy and Royal Purple as Honkers
  • Goldenrod as Dinger
  • Macaroni and Cheese as Barkley
  • Turquoise Blue as Rosita
  • Carnation Pink as Abby Cadabby
  • Scarlet as Murray Monster
  • Gold as Guy Smiley
  • Tan as Hoots the Owl
  • Medium Violet and Vivid Violet as Two-Headed Monster
  • Blue and Razzmatazz as The Martians
  • Sea Green as Sherlock Hemlock
  • Burnt Orange as Slimey
  • Asparagus as Irvine
  • Pink Flamingo as Placido Flamingo
  • Neon Carrot as Frazzle
  • Timberwolf as Benny Rabbit
  • Wisteria as The Big Bad Wolf
  • Purple Mountains' Majesty as Mumford
  • Blue-Green as Mr. Johnson
  • Lavender as Biff
  • Atomic Tangerine as Sully
  • Canary as Little Bird
  • Flower Shop as Forgetful Jones
  • Electric Lime as Grundgetta
  • Middle Green, Maximum Green, Fern, Granny Smith Apple, Charcoal Gray, Gray, Tumbleweed and Plum as Grouches
  • Purple Pizzazz as Googel
  • Screamin' Green as Phoebe
  • Sunset Orange as Narf
  • Cadet Blue as Mel
  • Jungle Green as Stinky the Stinkweed

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