Nintendo 64 (1999)

  • Red as Mario
  • Brown as Donkey Kong
  • Jungle Green as Link
  • Scarlet as Samus
  • Electric Lime as Yoshi
  • Carnation Pink as Kirby
  • Sepia as Fox
  • Yellow as Pikachu
  • Green as Luigi
  • Navy Blue as Captain Falcon
  • Red Orange as Ness
  • Cotton Candy as Jigglypuff

Melee (2001)

  • Orange as Bowser
  • Shockin' Pink as Peach
  • Violet (Purple) and Tickle Me Pink as Ice Climbers
  • Royal Purple as Zelda
  • Cobalt Blue as Sheik
  • Cerulean as Marth
  • Lavender as Mewtwo
  • Black as Mr. Game & Watch
  • Gray as Dr. Mario
  • Outer Space as Ganondorf
  • Blue as Falco
  • Screamin Green as Young Link
  • Laser Lemon as Pichu
  • Burnt Orange as Roy

Brawl (2008)

  • Unmellow Yellow as Wario
  • Caribbean Green as Toon Link
  • Sky Blue as King Dedede
  • White as Pit
  • Eggplant as Meta Kinght
  • Aquamarine as Zero Suit Samus
  • Raw Sienna as Pokemon Trainer
  • Robin Egg Blue as Squritle
  • Blue Green as Ivysaur
  • Outrageous Orange as Charizard
  • Beaver as Ike
  • Chestnut as Diddy Kong
  • Desert Sand as Olimar
  • Melon as Lucas
  • Timberwolf as Wolf
  • Manatee as Snake
  • Silver as R.O.B.
  • Midnight Blue as Lucario
  • Denim as Sonc

3DS/Wii U (2014)

  • Turquiose as Rosalina
  • Pacific Blue as Megaman
  • Wisteria as Paulenta
  • Sunset Orange as Bowser Jr.
  • Shadow as Dark Pit
  • Razzmatazz as Shulk
  • Bittersweet as Little Mac
  • Sunglow as Pac-Man
  • Indigo as Robin
  • Blue Bell as Wii Fit Trainer
  • Blue Violet as Lucina
  • Brick Red as Villager
  • Tumbleweed as Duck Hunt
  • Almond as Ryu
  • Gold as Cloud
  • Blush as Bayonetta
  • Perwinkle as Corrin

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