• Mango Tango as Zoe
  • Fuchsia as Telly Monster
  • Pink Flamingo as Prairie Dawn


Mango Tango: Hey!
When I read a book,
just like so,
I looked at the pictures
and then I go,
how the story is supposed to go.
That's the way I read.

Fuchsia: When I read a book,
it's just like so,
I find the letters that I know,
that's a A, a T and O.
That's the way I read.

Pink Flamingo: When I read fast,
I might read slow,
trying to read
the words I know.
Once upon a time,
long ago.
That's the way I...

Fuchsia: That's the way I...

Mango Tango, Fuchsia and Pink Flamingo: That's the way I read!

Mango Tango: Yeah! (laughing) All right!

Pink Flamingo: Oh, great! That was fun!

Fuchsia: It sure was!

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