• Denim as Harvey Monster
  • Olive Green as Clancy
  • Radical Red as Elmo
  • Gray as Kermit the Forg


Denim: (to Olive Green) Hey, you don't look like me!

Olive Green: And you don't look like me.

Radical Red: And he don't look like me.

Gray: Yes, we're all different, but we're the same, 'cause we are all monsters!

(music starts, they all start dancing)

Denim: I am blue

Olive Green: I am green

Radical Red: I am red

Gray: I am gray

Denim: What's the difference, anyway?

All: We are all monsters!

Denim: I am fat

Olive Green: I am thin

Radical Red: I am short

Gray: I am tall

Radical Red: Doesn't matter much at all

All: We are all monsters!

Denim: And we love to play together

Olive Green: And we love to stay together

Radical Red: To spend a day together

Gray: And we sing this song together

All: 'Cause we get along together

(all laugh and dance)

Denim: Different noses, ears and eyes-es

Olive Green: Different colours, shapes and sizes

Radical Red: We could all win beauty prizes

Gray: Yes, we're happy girls and guys-es

All: 'Cause we're together
We are all monsters!

(all laugh and dance and run around, then march up to the camera)

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