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  1. Crayola Colors/That's the Way I Read (from Sesame Street)
  2. Crayola Colors/In Your Paws (from Sofia the First)
  3. Crayola Colors/Do Nothing Day (from Phineas and Ferb)
  4. Crayola Colors/Wemblin' Fool (from Fraggle Rock)
  5. Crayola Colors/Take Care (from Doc McStuffins)
  6. Crayola Colors/Fur (from Sesame Street)
  7. Crayola Colors/Steppin' Out With a Star (from The Great Muppet Caper)
  8. Crayola Colors/We Are All Monsters (from Sesame Street)
  9. Crayola Colors/Can You Picture That? (from The Muppet Movie)
  10. Crayola Colors/Cabin Fever (from Muppet Treasure Island)
  11. Crayola Colors/Bubble Rap (from VeggieTales)
  12. Crayola Colors/Play a Simple Melody (from The Muppet Show)
  13. Crayola Colors/Let the Good Shine Out (from Muppet Sing-Alongs: Muppet Treasure Island)
  14. Crayola Colors/Macarena (from Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance Songs)
  15. Crayola Colors/Grow, Mane, Grow (from Between the Lions)
  16. Crayola Colors/Eight Little Notes (from The Muppet Show)
  17. Crayola Colors/Bunch of Bones (from Bubble Guppies)
  18. Crayola Colors/Queen of Mars (from Phineas and Ferb)
  19. Crayola Colors/Helping Hand (from Sesame Street)
  20. Crayola Colors/Dani's Rap (from Sesame Street)
  21. Crayola Colors/Map Song (from Sesame Street)
  22. Crayola Colors/Pigeons and Cookies and Trash (from Sesame Street)
  23. Crayola Colors/Shapes in My Room (from Sesame Street)
  24. Crayola Colors/Who Knows What You See? (from Fraggle Rock)
  25. Crayola Colors/I'm Never Alone (from Fraggle Rock)
  26. Crayola Colors/Let Me Be Your Song (from Fraggle Rock)
  27. Crayola Colors/Love is Incredible (from Bear in the Big Blue House)
  28. Crayola Colors/Hop This Way (from Sesame Street)
  29. Crayola Colors/The Best Day Ever (from SpongeBob SquarePants)
  30. Crayola Colors/Movin' Right Along (from The Muppet Movie)
  31. Crayola Colors/You Can Always Count on Baileywick (from Sofia the First)
  32. Crayola Colors/If I Didn't Have You (from Monsters, Inc.)
  33. Crayola Colors/Do the Benny Hop (from Sesame Street)
  34. Crayola Colors/The Dillydale Dance Floor (from The Mr. Men Show)
  35. Crayola Colors/Let the Triangles In (from Sesame Street)
  36. Crayola Colors/Walkin' Down My Street (from Sesame Street)
  37. Crayola Colors/Hoppin' Out With You (from Sofia the First)
  38. Crayola Colors/Play With Us (from Sofia the First)
  39. Crayola Colors/Do De Rubber Duck (from Sesame Street)
  40. Crayola Colors/The Mine Song (from LazyTown)
  41. Crayola Colors/But I Like You (from Sesame Street)
  42. Crayola Colors/Up and Down Opera (from Sesame Street)