Sonic Version of Cinderella:


Creamrella poster


  • Cream the Rabbit as Cinderella
  • Cosmo as The Fairy Godmother
  • Tails as Prince Charming
  • Amadeus Prower as The King
  • Big the Cat as The Grand Duke
  • Cheese as Jaq
  • Chocola as Gus
  • Angel Chao as Mary Mouse
  • Dark Chao as Lucifer
  • Chip as Bruno
  • Rouge the Bat as Prudence
  • Queen Alicia Acorn as Stepmother
  • Sally as Anastasia
  • Fiona Fox as Drisella

Another poster for Creamrella


MisterCartoonMovie from by...King K. Rool (2014) made by DenisFan1998

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