Create Chä is an insanely powerful Chä in the Bless Zodiac.

To become a Create Chäotic you must be in Black, Blue, Yellow, or White alignment and in Intellect, Emotional, Supernatural, Spectral or Hero class.


Here is a brief description of the power of the Create Chä.


  • Create Weapons: Creates weapons from thin air. These weapons can be a simple as a sword or as complex as a Plasma Rifle. The Chäotic can infuse part of his own powers into the weapon.
  • Create Fortress: Creates a fortress from the mind of the Chäotic. Although it takes only moments and can be as varied as the Create Weapon power... It sends weak Chäotics into a coma.


  • Create Shield: Allows the Chäotic to create shields and armor in a manner similar to Create Weapon. The armor or shields can be infused with the Chäotic's powers and again, can be highly varied.
  • Create Hospital: Creates a hospital in a manner similar to all other Create powers. Anyone being healed in the hospital regenerate at an accelerated rate. The Chäotic who uses this power enters a coma.


  • Create Court: Creates a court building in a fashion similar to the Create Fortress power. The courts look different, but they all have one room that adapts itself to fit a proper punishment. The Chäotic that uses this power will most likely enter a coma.
  • Create Prison: Creates a prison in a manner similar to Create Fortress. Again, it can be varied in design and will send the Chäotic that made it into a coma.
  • Judgment Weapons: The Chäotic can summon a weapon that is based off of their personality at all times. This weapon will ONLY harm the person guilty of what the Chäotic blames them of.


  • Create Temple: Creates a temple in a manner similar to all create powers. The temple always has a room that grants purification to any sick or tainted beings. The Chäotic that makes the temple will slip into a coma.
  • Chaos Weapons: Creates a weapon drawn from the user's personality that changes it's power based on what attacks have been used on the Chäotic recently.

Note on Comas

The comas won't last long, however still should be taken seriously. One or two real-time days is all it will take.

Environmental Effects

Every power is effected greatly by the environment and the environmental effects can be shut off. Basically, the design/powers of the items or buildings are infused with the element of that region.

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