This article is about the numerous myth surrounding the creation of the entire world, for the creation of origin story of a specific place, go to the article about the place itself.


Creation as according to people of Akar (Akre and Akri and Tennah) which then adopted by people of Matahari

There was a god named Deotio who created the world and the sky but there is no sea. He also created the first tree called Asimudi. The flowers of Asimudi fly all over the world and sprang into many different plants. Then he created two beings to control the world, Yi and Ya. At last he created Nede, a place for himself and stays there. But Yi and Ya always fight against one another because both of them are thirsty as there is no water. So Deotio put his entire mind into a tree and all of his breath into another tree in the middle of Nede and created guardian of the place. He came back to the world he created and sacrifice himself, his flesh become the continent and his blood become the sea and many little spirit spring out from his flesh and blood but his spirits reside in Nede. Yi and Ya, thirsty no more, have many children. Their first children are the magical beast, and then the animal, wild and tame, the last one was a twin of man and woman. That is why priest and priestess do not kill animal because they are out elder brothers. Yi and Ya love the human because they are smallest and weakest, so they granted the human a mind and language. Yi taught them how to find clean water, how to know which fruit to eat and how to plant them, Ya taught them how to create fire, how to create weapon to protect themself, how to find fertile soil to plant. But Yi and Ya do not want to spoil their children, so they ascend to the sky to look them from far away and become moon and sun.

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