Back around 5,000 years ago, up until around the time of the writing of the Christian Bible, Jerusalem, located on the Eastern shore of the Mediterranian Sea, was the land of the Jewish people.

In 9 AD, Jerusalem was under Roman rule, as they had captured it some cenrutries ago, but the Jewish were still allowed to live there. SOme 600 years later, it was captured by Muslims, who stil allowed the Jewish to remain autonomous, providing they paid a poll tax. In 1099, Jerusalem was overtaken by the Crusaders, causing most of the Jewish inhabitants to leave, eventurall falling to the Ottoman Turks in 1517.

During the Second World War, the Jewish population of Europe experienced horrendous attrocitoes, accumulating as the Holocaust. After the war, the Jews did not want to return to where they used to live, so they fled around the world, in hopes that a place of safety could be discovered.

By this time, Jerusalem and its surrounding area, called Palestine, were under the British mandate. Seeing as the Jews had nowhere to go, the United Nations began thinking of helping these displaced people.

Israel's Independance

On May 14 1948, a UN resolution was passed that would give the British mandate of Palestine over to the Jews. The Jewish people that came to Palestine, who called themselves Zionists, or true Jews, declared this land to be the independant nation of Israel.

There was only one problem: since the Jewish people had been gone for around 500 years, Palestine had since been occupied by Arabs, who were strongly Muslim; these people did not want to just get up and leave their land, as it was religiously important to muslims as well, let alone give it to these Jews who had been gone for 500 years. They rejected the resolution that the UN had passed, and vowed to destroy Israel, declaring war against the new nation.

The countries neighbouring Palestine, Transjordan, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt, were made up of Muslim people; they, too, wanted the Jews to get out of Palentine, so they sent troops in to support the Palestinian Arabs.

It was a very one-sided war. Although the Arabs had the support of four additional nations, the Jewish were fighting for their existance, leading them to win. The Jews were able to win eighty per cent of Palestine, as well as reducing the total number of Arabs within Palestine, others being encouraged to leave. The remaining fifth of Arabian land within Palestine was soon absorbed by the neighbouring Arab nations.

This event did not really affect the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union.

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