Smash's room

  • Smash: (dark scary evil voice) Man, I hate this day being grounded til' I'm in 2025. (schemeing) Wait, I know. I'll get revenge on my parents. [Smash goes down stairs to the kitchen, he bought a knife, he sneaks to Allen's room] hehehehe! Just... know... what... to... do....

Allen's room

[Allen & Lonnie talking to each other, Smash came here to kill Allen & Lonnie]

  • Allen: (mad) Smash, I thought I told you to stay in your room til' you're in 2025.
  • Smash: Time to die. [Smash throws a ax to Allen's head]
  • Lonnie: Smash, leave Allen alone. He is my friend. You killed him?
  • Smash: Yes.
  • Lonnie: You are so gonna pay for this.
  • Smash: Die. [Smash chokes Lonnie and puts a string on Lonnie's throat] I did it. Time to Allen's parents.
  • Allen's parents: Smash. I've have some...
  • Smash: Die!

[The SIGN OFF is on this channel]

  • Smash: I'm finished now. (happy) S, I can go hang out with Don. Bye.

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