Cristal Martinez is BlackcatRin Author Fighter counterpart and appeared in Real-Self Author Figthers, where the Author Fighters don't exist. She didn't appeared in Real World Author Fighters.


Cristal is in the 9th grade and living in the state of Washington. She ususally quiet, shy and kind, no one in her school understands her and has few friends. When she was writing her fanfiction, a portal opens up in her room, taking her to the Digital World and meeting Lunamon, then Andrew and the others. She likes to read, play video games and currently learning to play the guitar and taking spanish classes before she left but brought her guitar and textbooks along. When she went to the Digital World, she met Lunamon and became her digimon partner.


Cristal has elbow length black hair with few red streaks, brown eyes, tanned skin, wears brown shorts, purple tank top and blue sneakers. She has Lavender and Pink colored Data Link Digivice around her neck and on her wrist is Henshin Kigen.(Transformation String Brace)


Like her AF self, she can henshin into Kamen Rider Shuki. She seems to know to use guns because she later gains two automatic pistols called Luce and Ombra, seen in the Devil May Cry series, said to be used by Dark Knight Sparda.

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