Version 1 (Made By SonicJrandSarah)

  • Croc as Pinocchio
  • King Rufus as Jiminy Cricket
  • Croc's Father as Gepetto
  • Neptuna as Stromboli
  • Baron Dante as Monstro The Whale
  • Croc's Mother as The Blue Fairy
  • Pirate Dantinis as Lampwick
  • The Koopas (from Mario) as The Donkeys
  • The Gobbos as The Children
  • The Spongebob Squarepants Characters as The Seagulls
  • Swipe Swiftly as Lampwick The Donkey
  • Cannon Boat Keith as The Wicked Coachman
  • Cactus Jack as Honest John
  • Tooty The Feeble as Gideon
  • The Dantinis as The Coachman's Minions
  • Croc's Adorable Little Brother as Figaro
  • Beany The Bird as Cleo
  • The Firepit Monster, Venus Fly Von Trappe, The Village Masher, Demon Itsy, Fosley, and Chumly as The Sharks
  • The Sonic Characters as The Other Puppets
  • The Banjo-Kazooie Characters as Fishes
  • Swap Meet Pete, Professor Gobbo, Flavio, and The Secret Sentinel as Four Puppetmen
  • Flibby as Dutch Puppet
  • Soveena as French Puppet
  • Female Gobbo as Russian Puppet

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